Monday, June 20, 2011

Back To Life

Took some time for myself and enjoyed. The lawn is about caught up except some trimming. The garden is caught up with the weeding. Everything is growing alright. The hay is about all made. Only two fields left to go. Ahh, life is about back to normal and I survived.

That little bit of me time helped the grumpiness I was beginning to go through. It just left me time to clear the brain from it's overload.
Then Fathers day. Wow!!! My son in law and daughter had a picnic for us dads.

There were ribs, chicken, burgers and hot sausage. There was potato salad, pasta salad and fruit salad. There was a vegi tray with about six different dips. And there was plenty of good company and many laughs. There were the grandkids playing and enjoying theirselves.

Think everyone there ate to much and I'm positive I did. I may not be able to eat a bite for the next two days. After we all ate and chatted a bit there were dads ready to fall asleep sitting around chatting and watching the kids play.

So it's back to work this week and hopefully everything will be caught up and get back to normal, whatever that is... Honestly there is never a really normal day around here. But days that aren't spent playing catch up are what I like to call normal. Days that can be started early with a nice lunch break and then be finished in time to enjoy the sun going down while chilling out on the porch.

Just a slightly slower pace with a few less things going through my mind at the same time. Days where I can stop for a moment and listen to the birds sing their songs. Days that start at sunup, but end before midnight. Nights that I can go to bed without one hundred things going through my mind and keeping me awake...

Some of our potted flowers on the porch were neglected and have died, so we'll have to get some more to take their place. For some strange reason they just can't get up and walk in here and get theirselves a drink... Then when we go out in the dark and not get back in until dark they just get overlooked.

One day while working, my son tossed a junk piece of pipe into the bed of his truck. Darned thing took a crazy bounce and hit the back window. Didn't hit it hard at all, but yup... It broke. Shattered like cracked ice! He reinforced it with some clear packing tape as a temporary fix, but had to replace the entire window. That's fixed too now.

We have seen many stray cats hanging around eyeballing the chickens. Just heard yesterday that a neighbor is feeding three stray dogs. I just don't understand why people have to drop their unwanted pets off out here in the boonies. Don't they understand that their pets can't fend for themselves? They don't know how to hunt for their own food and even end up becoming the food of wild animals!

Personally I'd like to catch those people and drop them off in the middle of nowhere and see how well they survive... I know how to keep warm on a cold night in the wild, but would they and how are their pets supposed to know? I know how to find food that's safe to eat, but would they? And again how are their pets to know?

Oh I would go and find them after about a week, but they'd learn a lesson they wouldn't soon forget! But I'm sure that the law wouldn't allow me to do that.
Yes, the SPCA will take the animals, but not without a donation. If these people can't afford to buy a $20.00 bag of pet food how can they afford a $40.00 donation?

Don't know what the answer is, but I sure wish someone would find one.

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