Thursday, June 2, 2011


There are some years like this year that the weather doesn't cooperate in the early spring and times for doing all the field work overlap. We're still not done with the planting and darned if it isn't time to make hay.

So here I am at nine thirty Wednesday evening and I'm almost to tired to even type up something for the blog. I started today at about five AM then came in for coffee at about seven. Got the blog posted while I had my coffee and then went back out and got to work.

The weatherman was saying we might get some rain this morning but then it's supposed to be nice for about a five day stretch. This morning while my son was out doing some work I worked in the barn trying to get it cleaned up. Gee, if I could only figure a way to teach the cows to clean up after their selves. But heck, I can't even do that with a twenty one year old son...

After finishing the cleanup I started checking and greasing the mowditioner and adjusting the rollers so we could begin cutting the hay. Around lunch time we headed to town to get a few more parts for the tractors leaky hydraulics and had some lunch at a great bar. Then made two more stops and headed back here.

We hurriedly finished fixing the tractor and finished checking all the usual things, oil, radiator water etc... Then I went and started mowing the field. I didn't get finished until nine. Then it was back to the house and time for a hot shower.

If it wasn't for wanting to write something for the blog I would have fallen in my bed after that shower and would be asleep. No dinner tonight, I'm to tired and I don't even have energy enough to even make a sandwich.

So you lucky guys out there that complain about your wonderful woman and say they aren't good enough... Guys! Quit your complaining! Treat her like the wonderful person she is. You too could be working for thirteen hours and not be getting a decent dinner... 

Well, I know it's short but I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Have another day ahead for tomorrow that won't be much different time wise than today. It's that time of year and like I said we didn't get much cooperation from the weather this spring.

I am still smiling though and I sure hope you are too!

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