Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Think !

What is with all this stupidity? People type stuff into their phones and on to their computers that they would normally not say without thinking. Then they even have to hit send or submit. Are their minds so empty and blank that they no longer think?

I doubt that there is one person alive that doesn't have evil thoughts, dirty thoughts or desires. But when we talk to other people we guard against our inner perverse thoughts. Heck we even have evil thoughts like wishing someones mouth would just lock shut and they would never be able to speak again and bore us with their words or tell us their lies. Yet in the very next thought we realize how nasty that would be and forget that idea.

Could you honestly imagine if the computer or phone were connected directly to your mind and the internet at the same time... How embarrassing would that be? All the perverseness and evil would be out there for everyone to see. I've heard woman when they thought they couldn't be overheard saying some interesting things about men they saw in stores, bars and clubs. I've definitely been told thoughts from guys when they have seen hot looking women.

Those things never hit the internet. I suspect there are many more thoughts that have never even left the mind. The thoughts occur and are never allowed past the lips. But it seems they get through the fingers onto a keyboard and then off to the internet. Now if they get sealed behind the lips, why do they get through the fingers so easily?

Here we are again with a politician acting out on desires and dirty thoughts over the internet and sending pictures of himself to women. Do I think a politician would be above this? No! They lie, cheat and steal from the public every day, why would I even begin to believe they would be above anything evil. If that's even evil... It may not be, but it is something that should be kept to the privacy of ones own home or the others home. Not put out where it could possibly become public.

That is no different than taking an add out in a newspaper and publishing your inner thoughts and feelings. There are just some that should never be shared with anyone, let alone everyone.

I put many thoughts and feelings on this blog, but I also have many wistful thoughts that I would never even consider sharing. Those are thoughts that come and go so fast I can't even remember them all. I even read things here and there on the internet and wonder how the people that put them out would feel if their families or real close friends read them.

I also read things that make me wonder and worry about humanity. Some of what I read makes me think the authors should be locked up in some kind of zoo to protect society from them.

When will people learn that anything that is sent in any way to any one will probably be read by everyone? Would be no different than your mouth standing at the center of town yelling your every thought to the world...

If you want to keep smiling and not be embarrassed, think before you type, and reread and think before sending or submitting. Some things just should be kept to yourself.

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