Thursday, June 30, 2011

Head ?

It's been said that the man is the head of the household. That may be but...
There are heads that are born insane... There are heads that suffer from injury and no longer function sanely... There are many heads that never figure out how to function properly... There are heads that are firmly implanted up some eh, uh you know.

So maybe it is true and maybe it's not. But if man is the head then woman is the neck that holds the head up...

Why is it that so many men seem to think nothing of abusing women...
Isn't that like cutting your own neck? You married and became one, so isn't that beating yourself and abusing yourself?

These guys don't need a woman, they need to learn to be a man first.

Many times I hear they have beaten on their ladies in the heat of an argument. I've also heard of women who do the same... Well, I've also witnessed fights in bars that have started the same way. I can even remember as a child seeing fights on playgrounds starting like that.

People can't avoid all arguments, that would be impossible. As long as two people survive on the face of the planet there will be a disagreement. Yet it is possible to learn to disagree in a humane way without losing control and swinging fists.

Open and honest discussions with each having the willingness to listen and try to understand the other is a thing that must be learned. When we can't learn to accept there are differences and that differences can be lived with is when war breaks out.

One of my biggest problems with a one world government is that we would have nowhere to move if we didn't agree or accept the government we live under. Well if two people can't live together and accept differences, they can move out and begin a new life apart.

There is absolutely no reason to start swinging on your partner or anyone else when there is an entire world you can move in. Attacking someone you don't like or that you disagree with just makes no sense. You always have the ability to leave.

Staying and taking abuse can be looked at in the same way. There is an entire world full of places to go. It is hard to accept defeat in any situation, but it can be done. There is a loneliness when you move on and leave someone, but that does go away and there are many who would love your company and would accept you.

Try looking at losing a partner as losing a job. I was looking when I came in and I can look again for something even better for me!

There is loyalty built into relationships. But when the other partner has broken that loyalty by attacking you then how can you even consider being loyal any longer... Loyalty starts with being loyal to yourself!
A partner that abuses you is just like any other disease. Given time it will infect you more and may even kill you. When you have a cancerous spot on your arm you have it removed and you don't try to put it back!

As for self esteem. Yes, no one likes to look like a failure at anything. Yet how much of a failure do you look like when everyone sees your unhappiness or bruises and scars and then you refuse to leave the situation that causes it all? That's kind of like holding your hand in a fire and saying if I keep it there long enough it will quit burning. Yes it will. When there is no hand left!

If your one of the abusers... Grow the heck up. Get some help. Maybe even take some debating classes and learn how to disagree in a better way without losing your temper. Learn to accept what others think and how others feel and maybe you'll find that others will begin to like and accept you...

Life and the world change every moment. Someone new is born, someone old dies. New plants begin to grow, old plants die. There is always something new and better taking the place of something bad.
Your life can change for the better too. All it takes is making that first step into something better for you and keep walking until you find it...

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