Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking Doing

Do you want to make your kids lives miserable as adults? Then just keep on making their lives perfect as children...

A part of winning is losing. A part of success is failure. A part of ease is hard work. A really big part of happiness is sadness.

To really be happy you need to learn how to deal with sadness. Lets face it, without sadness how would we even know what happiness is... Happiness would become boring. We'd have nothing to compare it to. We wouldn't know how to find happiness if we never felt sorrow and unhappiness.

When parents always make sure their children are busy with sports and activities, I never see happy kids. I just see kids doing. They laugh and play but get bored so easily. How will they ever learn to keep theirselves from getting bored if they don't experience boredom and find their own way out...

Then there has been this tendency to even take scoring away from sports. There are no winners or losers. Just players having fun... So whats the point in playing if they are not allowed to win and lose, just send them to a gym if all their doing is getting exercise.

Sports has winners and losers. When we lose we learn to work harder to try and win. When we are winners and end up losing later, we learn that we can never stop trying our best and get lazy or we will no longer win.

If we let them fail and feel bad, children will learn that they have to strive to be better and work harder to earn what they want. Be better friends or they'll lose their friends. They will become better people in society than the helpless drones. They'll become the winners.

By allowing them to be bored, they will learn to find ways on their own to entertain theirselves. Their minds will begin to open up and become creative. They will someday become the designers and leaders of the world.

Giving kids clues, hints and advice and then letting them figure out how to do for theirselves is the best way to teach them to stand on their own. But giving them every thing to do will only keep them dependent on others. They will never learn to be the leaders and inventors that have allowed this world to make advances.

Quit doing everything for your children and smile. Knowing that later on they will be the ones smiling and will be able to do for theirselves.

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