Thursday, June 9, 2011

So You Need A Break

You've been working hard and maybe even been putting in extra hours. Your beat and would like some time to yourself to relax. Maybe you even want to go to the gym or just out walking or running to give your mind an escape from the daily routine.

The boss has been riding you like a horse in the derby. You want to hear nothing from anyone. Seems like everyone is asking you questions, telling you what to do or seeking your advice. You want time to hide away from the world and rejuvenate.

While at work, the customers took all their anger and frustrations out on you. You want to be loved and appreciated, you want someone to like you and say nice things to you.

You've been so busy and spending so much time at work that you would give up an eye for just one day to spend on hobbies you like.
You are not alone. Many people feel overworked and like they need time for theirselves.

How about the wife. She's working at home twenty four hours a day, every day. When was the last time you offered to spend a day with the kids and left her to do what she likes. Left her go to the gym or even out for a walk. When was the last time you offered to help do the dinner dishes so she wouldn't have to do them alone and could have an hour to herself to just relax.

I'm guessing you can't answer that without some thought. If not it's been way to long. If your answer is never, you really should consider doing it!

Think about it. You go to work, then come home. No more boss, no more customers, no more complaining co workers.

Her job is the home, there's no where for her to go to get away from the kids or any other part of her job. She would probably love to have even a half a day to just hide and relax.

Maybe if she's not used to it, buy her a gift certificate to a nice salon or spa. Then you spend a Saturday with the kids and let her have a relaxing day vacation.

She not only runs the home when your away, but she listens to the energy overloaded kids all day, every day. She has to calm the fights before someone hurts someone else. She has to listen to their arguing and whining when she tries to get them to do their chores. She has to decide the days menus. She has to clean and schedule everything.

She places everyone and everything before herself and is probably ready to burst from overload. Her mind needs a break from the everyday before she ends up with serious health problems from it all.

Give her that day and you really may put a big smile on her face. Then you'll be able to smile a little more too.

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