Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Not Fair

Sunday night it rained. Really really rained. I'm just guessing but from some stuff sitting around outside it rained about an inch and a quarter or more. It's now Tuesday morning and darned if it didn't rain again last night. Somewhere around another inch.

While it's perfectly good for the seed planted in the field, it's not so good for the garden. Being that everything is soaked I'm loafing a good bit. The arthritis is aching and I don't feel anything but tired and achy. So at about nine AM I went back outside for a stroll to loosen up the stiff joints and walked around the garden.

Stopped by the currant bushes and ate a few handfuls of currants. Swung by the cherry tree and had a few handfuls of cherries. All was good. But when I was looking over the garden, I noticed that with all the wonderful life giving rain came the garden choking weeds just popping their little heads out of the ground and mocking me.

Last week I finally got control of the last crop of weeds and had the garden looking great. However with the latest rain all the little weed seeds blown in by wind and carried by birds have decided it's their time to grow. I however refuse to let them take over the garden. So as soon as it dries out enough I will be back in the garden and pulling more weeds.

I really wish they tasted better so I could just use them for salads... Wonder if maybe lots of sugar would help that. Or maybe someone should work at perfecting a great dressing that would mask the bitterness and improve their taste. I mean, why not? They grow better than the tasty plants and do so willingly. OK, just a thought...

While there I checked out the beans. We've planted them three times now. The first planting rotted in the ground because of to much rain and to cool of temperatures. The second planting went to a beautiful pheasant and a majestic wild turkey. We've chased both of them from the garden several times now, but they know there is a free meal waiting for them.

I'm kinda thinking they would make a really good meal or two... But it's still early in the year and I would rather they do their thing and make lots of little baby turkeys and pheasants first. So for now their safe. For now...

The tomatoes and peppers all have blossoms and it won't be long before I'll be feasting on them for lunch and dinner. The lettuce is up and growing well. Matter of fact after I had the currants and cherries, I had some fresh lettuce for desert. There is nothing like just walking out and picking and eating. No dirty dishes, no dirty pots and pans and above all, the greatest tastes in the world.

The cucumbers are growing well as is the zucchini. Neither are anywhere near ready to start donating their fruits to my hungry belly. So I'll have to wait on them a bit yet.

So there I was munching on great tasting, fresh food and having my senses filled with the clean smells after a rain and being teased by the sound of my pheasant buddy calling for his sweetie.

Now if that's not a great way to spend a morning then what is? Brings a smile to my face and to my heart every time! And the wonderful tastes of the fresh fruits and veggies brings a great smile to my belly.

So what was the first thing to give you a smile today?

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