Friday, June 10, 2011

Time For Me

Back in April I started worrying because of the really wet spring weather we were having, but there was work inside that needed done. That work got done. Things were slow but there was work to do every day. That's always nice because a lonely guy doesn't have time to think about being alone when he's busy working and worrying.

Then May came and there was a new chicken coop to be built. One that was smaller and still easily accessible for feeding, watering, gathering eggs and cleaning. I had a sketch of what I wanted but never bothered making specific plans. Two other priorities were that it had to be somewhat easy to move to different locations from time to time here and the fenced in area had to be moveable.

I really don't like keeping my chickens penned up but we are having problems with predators. Namely coyotes, racoons and occasionally foxes. Not to mention the dropped off stray cats and neighbors cats. So the fenced in area also needed to be covered with even more fencing to keep critters from climbing over and killing the chickens. Took a bit of thinking and work, but that job too got accomplished and the new chickens are growing just fine and seem very happy with what I named the Taj Ma Coop.

There was also the garden to get tilled and planted. That rather time consuming job got done also. Then there was plowing, and planting which because of all the rain this spring was running late. Then the hay did really well thanks to the rain and was ready a bit early.

So while still doing some planting we had to also find time to cut and bale hay. Now none of these tasks in their selves are real bad, but you always have the inevitable breakdowns of equipment. This year we had more than enough...

Then this past week my son was offered some work. Well he needs money to pay his own bills. He mentioned to me that he wasn't sure about taking on a job right now because of all that still needs done here, but I told him he'd better take work while it's available. So he isn't here much during the days to help out.

Most everything is caught up now and I spent the last two days working on the garden and trying to get ahead of the fast growing weeds. I also had to hunt beneath weeds for my young blueberry bushes. I dug around them and laid bricks so maybe the weeds won't cover them again.

Then on Thursday I was back at the garden trying to finish that up and still did a few other small tasks that needed done. About one in the afternoon I was beat. I came in and drank a cup of coffee and started to drift off to sleep. So what's and old guy to do... I went and laid down on the bed and took a nap.

When my son got home he caught me and rubbed the fact that I'm getting old in again... Shoulda never taught him how to talk... Well we went for dinner and did some grocery shopping.

Now after sitting here this evening and thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that I'm taking a few days off. I haven't even bought a fishing license for this year! So bright and early I'll go and get one. Then I'm stopping and picking up several bottles of wine.

I fully intend to spend the rest of Friday doing as little as possible. I still have to feed and water the animals, but that's all the work I intend to do. Then I am going to spend my weekend fishing. And if it gets as hot this weekend as it has been, I may even do some swimming or just laying in the water along the bank of the lake or stream.

So if ya hear of some crazy old bearded drunken whale you'll know it's only me. Have a really great weekend and be sure to make someone smile!!!

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