Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Days

Some days turn in to some weekends.
The chicks are grown big enough and have enough feathers now that we moved them into the chicken coop. I asked the son to take the brooder and wash it out and put it away.

Now the apple don't fall far from the tree, so when he went to move it and got the dolly to carry it he never asked for help. As he was moving it down the steps he lost it and it fell and rolled out on the sidewalk. It wasn't damaged or nothing, but if he would have asked for help it wouldn't have needed set back up and loaded on the dolly again.

I've tried to warn him time and again that is why my back is in such bad shape. He really needs to learn to ask for help when it's available. It is completely another thing when you are alone and something just needs done. Than is when you do things by yourself.

Well, he finally got it cleaned up and put away until it's needed again. It's kind of a tough thing. I built that brooder from an old ice machine that I saw was being thrown away. It's insulated and is easy to heat with a very low wattage light bulb. The doors make it easy to access to feed and water the little chicks.

To me, learning how to do things yourself just makes sense. There isn't always someone around to help and hiring help for just a few hours makes no sense. It would take longer to find help than to just do some jobs alone.

It also make sense to learn to trust yourself and see your ideas be built into something useful from something someone else sees as junk. That usually helps because you get exactly what you need and the price is great. Not like the high priced things you buy and then find are not designed to be of much real use.

Heck, I even end up redesigning some of the stuff I buy to make it right for the job. Manufacturers seem only interested in the money and not really what their products are used for. If they would only get some practical experience or ask people what they really need, they may make a great product.

Well, back to the story. The very next day one of his friends called to say their truck died along the road. He went and got it running for them and they came straight here to fix it right.

He traced the problem to the alternator and then went and got another one to replace it. When he was about done, he caught his hand on the fan blade. The darned thing was not running, but was sharp enough to cut his thumb to the bone. He wrapped it up and finished the job. Yup, another thing he learned from the old man...

Well, after he came in the house he took off his bandage and was showing it to me. Told him he should probably get stitches. But he wouldn't hear of it. So he went to take a shower and get cleaned up. While in the shower, it spread open and started gushing blood again. So at nine thirty in the evening he went to the hospital to get it sewn up. I did offer to sew it up for him but he didn't seem to think that was such a great idea. : )
Now we'll see if he thinks the idea of a huge bill from the hospital is a good idea...

He's still not working full time anywhere and has no medical insurance. So once again I'll probably have to help him with the bill. He'll pay me back, but still, he'll be relying on me. But then again, what's a parent or family for?

Hmm, maybe I should hand him a bill with interest added and see if that makes him realize that medical insurance is a good idea and more important than running around and having fun...

I doubt that I will, but it sure would be a great smile!!!

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