Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Off

Can't say I didn't try. I tried to get my son to go along fishing on Monday since he wasn't working, but he complained about spending the night awake over that child of a young lady. He even snapped at me when I tried to convince him to go along and get his mind off of her and the games she likes to play.

So I took care of the feeding and watering and hung some laundry out to dry and then left. On the trip there I stewed over his predicament and the fact that he snapped at me because of her and his feelings... But as I drove along I saw some pheasants and some deer and one bunny. So my mind quickly began to leave it all behind.

When I got to the spot I was planning to fish at I saw there wasn't a car or truck in sight. My spirits brightened even more. I walked to where I wanted to fish and had the place all to myself. I baited up and began my day of fishing. I sat down and thought I'd relax a bit and just as my mind began to think of my son and his hurt a fish bit at my bait.

So the wonderful universe kept me busy and kept me from thinking about problems. I kid you not, every time I started to think about him and girl problems I'd get another bite. It was like magic! I managed to catch nine fish in the four hours I was there.

Uh, I did have one disturbing moment. A young rattle snake made it's way past me. Now I have absolutely no time for snakes of any sort let alone a rattle snake. It was however the first rattle snake I've seen since I was around eight or nine years old. So they have survived... That's good but I still would have rather taken someone else's word for it.

After knowing what it was and seeing he was small and wouldn't be to fast I couldn't resist the urge to play a little. I picked up a long stick and began harassing him. He bit at the stick several times and then took a real good lunge and hooked onto the stick. I took that opportunity to fling him and the stick about sixty feet through the air before they landed in some brush far enough away that I once again felt comfortable just relaxing and fishing.

Now if I can only convince my son to toss that rattle snake of a girl out of his head and forget about her...

I'm enjoying this fishing so much this year that after stopping at my daughters for fish dinner and coming home and taking my clothes off the line and folding them up, I've decided to do some weeding in the garden tomorrow morning for a few hours and then go fishing some more.

I do have to run to town to pick up a hose for a piece of equipment I ordered so I can just do that and pick up a few other things I need on the way to more fishing.

I really do have to get back to work soon though, but until then I'll keep on fishing and smiling at all the strange and wonderful stuff and events of the world!

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