Friday, June 17, 2011

Time For You

If you've been reading this blog all week you know I've taken a little vacation. I still had to do some chores every day but the rest of the day, or days, I've taken time for me. I worked my backside off since the weather broke this spring and was beat, my mind needed some time off and my body needed some time off.

No major trips or anything, just a change from the usual running, worrying and working I have been doing for the past while. A little me time worked into the schedule. Even had to deal with some stuff my son went through and forgetting his birthday gift until the last minute.

I did say that I would probably end up getting him the perfect gift and darned if I didn't. Managed to get him the one thing he wanted the most and will benefit from for at least a year. Something he really wanted and needed, but since his work slowed down he couldn't afford himself. So once again being under the pressure of a last minute decision paid off for me and him.

Neither of us are over the loss of his pup Rodeo yet. That may take a while. I did mention to him about getting another dog, but he said he'd like to wait a while.

Wednesday I still didn't feel much like fishing, but I didn't really want to get back to work yet either. So I just went for a ride and stopped at Starbucks for a caffe' mocha and a blueberry scone for lunch. Then drove a round about way back home for some sight seeing and did a few things that I've ignored for a while but wanted to do, but mostly just loafed and listened to music.

Later in the afternoon I did go buy myself a new drill I've been wanting and needing for a while. Also just stood around the hardware store and caught up on some local chit chat for a bit. Ehh, same as usual, nothing much new and exciting.

Then Thursday I had to run and get a cake and ice cream for my sons birthday later in the evening and also had to run to take him to dinner after he got off of work.

The big thing though is I feel so much more alert and alive. My body is physically tired and beat, but after taking a break from the routine, my mind is feeling clear and ready for about anything.

Sometimes when life is becoming to much to take and it feels like my mind is about to explode, it's the perfect time to just escape in any way I can. Yes, there are still responsibilities and things that must be done, but letting the things wait that can wait and doing something for you, whatever it is that lets you relax, is the best medicine I know of.

It keeps you away from doctors and their high prices and keeps you away from their prescription drugs that cost as much as a home.
We all know how great we feel when we come home from a vacation, but so many don't seem to know how to take an escape from the ordinary by just changing their routine a little. But it helps me so much! So I hope you can change just a few things and let a few things go for a bit and relax yourself.

Be it for a day or two or even for a week. I'm sure you'd find it as helpful as I do. Heck, if ya don't tell anyone what your doing, they won't even know your taking a mini vacation... They may think your going 
through a lazy spell, but that's their problem to deal with.

It does wonders for keeping a smile on your face and in your heart!!!
So try taking a little vacation from the usual this weekend and enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy doing and let the smile come back to you heart and your lips!

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