Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have no idea what to write! Yesterday after checking in with the critters, posting the blog and spending some time poking around the internet, I went to pick up a few things from the store.

I did only get about three hundred feet up the road and remembered I didn't pick up some checks I had to take to the bank and deposit. So I turned around and got them. Normally I wouldn't have remembered them until I was four miles away at the bank...

Then on the trip to town I didn't have one person get in my way on the road and no one cut me off. It was around twelve thirty, so my first stop was at Starbucks for a coffee and a bite to eat for lunch. When I walked in there were like seven tables open. I walked over and set the laptop down and hit the power button.

While it was starting I walked over and low and behold, there was no one else getting anything. I ordered right away, no waiting... I went back to the table and got on line and started doing some updating and surfing while enjoying my coffee and a scone. The place never did get real busy or noisy!

After finishing I left for the store. The lot looked a bit crowded but I managed to find a parking space not far from the doors. Had a pleasant walk into the store and did my shopping. It was like magic. Everywhere I went there was no one in my way.

The few people I did get close to were pleasant and I even had a few nice chats with complete strangers. My walk to the checkout was completely uneventful. Again no one in the way and no one cut me off while I was on my way!

I got to the registers and the one I was going to had only two people in line and they were both getting very little. I didn't have to wait more than three or four minutes. Even the register lady was nice. She smiled and we had a nice little chat while she was checking me out.

My trip back out to the lot was great. Again, no one in the way and everyone was smiling and seemed happy for a change! When I got to the truck, the guy who parked beside me had left plenty of room between his truck and mine to make it really easy to unload the cart and put everything in. The car parked on the other side left plenty of room too!

My trip home was fantastic. I was feeling a bit ornery so I pushed it. I was doing like eighty five in a sixty five and never saw a cop or had anyone in my way. Had to slow down for a construction zone though. But that's normal here. I Pennsylvania there are only two seasons and you get used to that. There is winter and road construction seasons...

Got home and put everything away and went out and played with the Beagle for a bit. Looked in on the chickens and saw the cows in the pasture and talked to everyone for a bit. Came in and settled down and had a pretty little college girl knock at the door. She was selling childrens books so I didn't buy anything, but we chatted about Minnesota for a bit. That's where she was from and I had some buddies years ago when I was in the Army that were from Minnesota. So we had something to chat about.

I came in and did some cleaning and getting garbage ready to go out. Had dinner planned and when my son got home he said he was making it and he even took the garbage out!

I have just had one of the most pleasant days of my life! Everything went great and it was so calm and relaxing. Seriously... Have I died and gone to heaven??? This is just so unnatural! Or should I be worried that something real bad is coming...

Oh well, until it does I'm just going to enjoy the warm, wonderful smile that yesterday allowed me to have!
Hope your smiling with me!!!

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