Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Off II

Sunday my son and I got up, fed and watered the critters then left for our fishing trip. We went to a place I hadn't been for years. When we got there, there was a real downpour. So we went to a restaurant and ate a really huge breakfast, a meal that lasted all day. Never even considered eating anything when we got home Sunday night.

After eating that king size meal, we went fishing. Well, sometimes you just shouldn't waste your time going back to places you once frequented often. I didn't have one bite in about two hours... My son caught two little fish that barely were as long as his hand was wide.

Well, no problem we went to another creek I used to have a lot of fun at and caught many fish from. I hadn't been there for quite a few years either. Yup, shouldn't have wasted my time there either or the gas to get there. City people have bought up property and posted no trespassing signs. Some of the best spots are now off limits.

Made me think of the song, sign sign everywhere a sign, blocking up the scenery breaking my mind, do this don't do that can't ya read the sign...
It's so sad that people can be so self centered and selfish that they keep others from enjoying nature...

We did however try out a few spots, with no luck, before moving yet again to another place I and a few really good friends from way back, used to go for a great day of fishing. Well I guess that since all the no trespassing signs were put up that everyone else in the world has moved on to that last spot. There were just so many people there that we would have had to fight for a spot to cast a line in...

I looked the place over and mumbled a few choice words then made my mind up to just drive to the place I was on Saturday, even though it was over an hours drive away. So we rode on while discussing all the wonders of life and the world.

I might add that the night before my son got a phone call from a girl he has been taken with for a few years now. So taken that even though she doesn't normally give him the time of day, he drops everything each and ever time she needs help... Well, she had been calling him almost all day.

We finally got to the place I was fishing and had so much luck the day before. Once again my line hit the water and I started getting bites. I sent my son to the place I sent the stranger the day before and he started getting bites right away. I got my limit of trout and he caught a few. We didn't leave until pretty late.

The whole time we were there he kept getting calls or “texts” from this girl. She kept telling him she wanted to talk to him. So after we arrived home and got the fish cleaned up and taken care of he was off to meet with this girl. He wasn't to sure about it being the past he's experienced with her, but I shot of my big mouth and told him, people change and maybe he should give her another chance...

He was home within an hour and mad as … well, you fill in the blank.
Seems when he got to where her and her little friends were, she wouldn't talk to him and said she didn't really want to.

So there he is again, broken hearted and mad as heck at himself. This is like the third time she's pulled the same crap on him. Guess she gets her thrills at hurting him. She's also one I've heard the line, where are the nice guys at. Yet here she is turning a nice guy into a heartless, cold, butt head of a guy!

It's a real darned shame. He turns twenty two on the sixteenth and already he's being hurt bad enough to give up on love and turn sour to women. That took me forty seven years to get to that point... Just wish I could find a way to let him know that there really are women who are nice and adult enough to fit a guys life, but around here there are just not many good examples. The few there are are taken and are treated great by their husbands.

I'm real glad we had a great time fishing together and had the chance to share lots of smiles on Sunday. I'm writing this on Monday morning and really don't feel a smile today.

Hmm, maybe I'll take one more day off and go fishing again. Out where there is plenty of wildlife and beauty to clear a hurting mind and maybe find a smile once again... Think I heard him say he wasn't working today so maybe I can convince him to go along.

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