Friday, May 13, 2011

More Funny Questions

The blog was messed up from late last evening through most of the day today. Not just this blog but all the blogs on Google. But I guess the problem is fixed. I was missing Thursdays blog so I didn't get upset, I just added it back in. It's down below.

I'm also thinking about some more funny questions I hear when some people stop here for the first few times.
One that makes my head spin is, what kind of cow does chocolate milk come from... Yes, it really does happen!
My quick answer that just pops out because of my smart butted attitude... Jersey Cows, they're the cute brown ones.
Seriously, are there really people who don't know how to make chocolate milk???

OK, for anyone left scratching their head. You go to the store. Buy some milk. Also buy some Hershey's chocolate syrup. Go back home and fill a glass with milk. Add twice the amount of chocolate the can or bottle of chocolate syrup calls for and stir it up real good. The sip to your hearts content and enjoy.

Now Hershey's isn't giving me a darned thing for the mention but it's the only chocolate syrup I like. I like things that are real chocolaty so I double what they say to use. That used to make my mom a bit angry when I was little but I am on my own and will do as I please now.

I also hear why do you need so much land... Another is where do the cows go for the winter... And, what is hay...
For the winter they either stay out or go into the barn. On nice sunny days they want out of the barn and we let them out. They can't fly away like the birds...

Their nice green grass they like to eat doesn't grow during the winter, so they eat hay. A cow has an appetite somewhat like their size, they eat a lot. Hay comes from all those pretty fields of green you see during the summer. Our hay is a mixture of grasses, some clover and some alfalfa and a few fields have birdsfoot trefoil, which is another legume.

Being that cows have such a huge appetite we need lots of hay and even some extra in case of a long winter. So the need for lots of hay causes the need for lots of land. It also brings with it the need for lots of work...

Trees and bushes along the edges of fields would like to take over the fields and need trimmed back or removed constantly. If not the fields shrink.
There are also other crops raised on the fields so they can be rotated so the natural minerals don't become depleted. What is a hay field this year may not next year. Moving those crops around also is a big part of not allowing weeds to take over.

So there are some more of the questions I've heard that I never really think about and find amusing.
Hope you've enjoyed them and for some hope you now know. I've just been around farms all my life and it all seems as natural to me as all those things in a city do do city people. So when I hear these questions I just have to smile...

Have a great weekend and remember to pass on a smile to everyone you meet!


  1. All that land, on a clear sunny day, with the cows happily munching the grass and chickens clucking here and there. All that you see growing, planted by your own hands. Just amazing. It's a hard life farming, but is it harder than working the city jobs and navigating all that traffic and daily stress and havoc? It's a different type of hard. I don't think most city folk would be able to meet the demands of farming life with the early rises and dedication to others that's needed, like the care of the animals and crops etc. But at the end of the day, for a real sense of job satisfaction, i personally can't see any greater satisfaction in looking at a farm full of life that you have grown and nurtured yourself. That is simply awesome.

  2. I love the questions and your answers. You mean to tell me you do NOT send the cows on a vacation to the South for the Winter?!? LOL
    Have a nice weekend!