Friday, May 6, 2011

Best People On Earth

Yes, it's Friday and my blog is late. Sorry!!! As you have surely noticed, I have not been doing weekend blogs. I, like everyone else, do like to have a few days where I don't have to do things.
So I have been a little busy today trying to prepare and write a blog about someone who is the most important person there ever was or is.

Mom !

Yup, this is the last formal picture of my mom that was taken. And mom, I really do miss that wonderful friend you became later in our lives.

Mothers have the most important job known to mankind. They carry the responsibility of the future in raising the children who will become the leaders and workers of society. All the good morals and thinking that will be passed down, will be passed by mothers. The health and safety of children depend on mom's watchful eyes. The skinned knees that are eased by a kiss and hug from mom. The care when a child is ill, that is given so lovingly comes only from mom. Mom's are the single most important beings of society.

Mothers are rare and beautiful like Orchids. Each has her own way of loving and caring.

Moms are colorful and intriguing.

Photo by, Susie B

Get a bunch of mothers together and they're as pretty as a field full of Dasies.

Photo by, Dan.

Yet as varied as a field of wild flowers.

But as the flower my mom loved so well,

the beautiful Rose... Mom's are intricate and it's fun to watch and learn them as their petals unfold while you get to know them.

To all the wonderful, perfect mothers of the world, I'd like to say,

Happy Mothers Day!

And thank you all for doing the job you do.


  1. Thank you for the nice Mother's Day wishes, and for sharing a picture of your mom. She's beautiful. Such kindness in her eyes and face. I know you love and miss her, as I do mine. I will honor Mama this Sunday and every day. My sister and I will "visit" her. Another flower I especially like for this occasion, is the pansy. If you look closely, you will see an Angel in the center of the flower. At least I do. ☺ ♥

  2. A beautiful & moving tribute to a mother who must be so proud of her son. That was a post that would bring a tear to the eye of every mama. Lovely. As Melodie said, thank you for sharing your lovely mama with us. You have her eyes! Hugs. ;-)