Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Makes No Cents

Advertisers for manufacturers, like to make it look like we can't live without the junk they sell. The sad part of that is how many people fall into that trap. They run to the stores or dial some 1 800 number and buy everything they can and only end up in debt and with more to add to the junk drawers or trash.

My son has become one of those who seems permanently attached to his I phone. Then he complains to me that he never has a moment to himself.
I tell him to put the thing in a drawer and forget it for a while but he never listens... Wonder if I'd call and say that if he would hear?

He like many others has to have every gadget that comes out. Then they all spend more time getting those gadgets to work than they would working without them.

Me, when I see a gadget that may make work or life easier, I like to think about it and try and find out if it really would help. So many times I can see that it wouldn't. So I'm happy I never spent my hard earned money for it. Many others though are sad because they did buy it.

First question I ask me is, do I really need it... More often than not the answer is no. Next I decide if it would take longer to set up and use than it would to just do the job. There is also the questions of clean up and storage, I have enough junk being stored now and I despise having to clean up even more...

Then I start to look at the prices. Spending on junk is craziness, especially when so much of that junk is going to cause headaches and grief. When I'm out working, walking through the woods, on a beach or fishing from the boat I certainly don't want people calling me. That's my time and if anyone wants me, they will have to try and find me.

Most of the fancy kitchen gadgets I see, look like they will take more time to set up and clean than they'll save. I just recently bought a bread machine and look how long they've been around... But that too made me work. I had to adjust all my own favorite bread recipes so I'd end up with the same great tastes I had without one. But it is nice that I can set it up and come back to the nice smell and taste of homemade bread and it's not hard at all to clean up.

I look at a lot of the new gadgets and see stuff that has all been around before, even when I was a boy. The new is nothing but a remake of something that has been here before but with a new bell or whistle and different look. Of course the new will never last as long as the old...

Personally I'd rather not be a slave to all the companies that make and sell all the junk. I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on me, family and friends, all having a good time and enjoying life. Making the manufacturers of junk rich so they and theirs can enjoy life just don't make sense to me...

So today I'll smile because I have my cash and can enjoy...


  1. I'm the same way. I don't "need" most of these things advertised. I do have several "gadgets" that I adore and use. I used to have a bread machine, but once it quit working, I never replaced it. Glad to see you got one and like it. Now, if I want "fresh baked" bread, I buy the frozen loaves, and proof them in my convection oven, and let them rise, then bake. MMmmmmm....I need to purchase some next time I'm at the store!

    I hope you're feeling better! ☺

  2. Many of us don't need the things the advertisers try and make us feel we cannot live without. If we would just stop and think first...
    That bread though. Well I guess I'm just to particular. Tried some of those frozen kinds and never found one I liked. So I'll stick with the recipes I worked so hard to refine and those begged to get.

  3. Hmmm?? but isn't it just the same to make the dough and chuck it in a tin in the oven?? My nana used to make THE best bread in the universe. I always remember watching it rise through the glass on the oven door and smelling that incredible freshly baked bread smell. Nothing makes you feel more at home than that smell!
    As for buying up big, People complain about not having any money and yet spend it on so much unnecessary "stuff". Yep, the era of commercialism. Sad, shallow and empty. "Things" that make us forget to spend quality time with each other and instead spend time with an object. Insanity.

  4. Always felt that way about a bread machine myself Tamsin. But after all the raves I've read and heard from people, I decided it was time to give one a try. Wow, wow, wow! All I have to do is put the ingredients in, in the proper order and turn it on. The machine does the rest. It mixes, raises, kneads and bakes all on its own.
    I can be out and getting work done instead of doing it all myself. I can come in and be treated to the wonderful aroma and the taste of great bread instead of the bland taste of store bought. Besides, if you have the time you can watch through the glass peep hole in the top.
    It does though take a lot for me to buy that kind of stuff...