Monday, May 9, 2011

Men Are Like Babies

First thing I'd like to say is “Achoo”, “Cough, Cough, Cough”, achoo and cough some more...
I'm sick, I have a headache, a fever and I feel like crud.

I've quite often heard the question, why do men act like such babies when they're sick... Well, it hurts. We feel miserable. We feel weak. We don't want to do anything but get better, but yah... we must. So we're going to whine, snivel, and act like babies. Everyone will hear of our plight and we don't care.

It's kind of a self defense mechanism. We whine and snivel and act like babies and no one wants to be around us. So just maybe everyone will leave us alone and we can go crawl in a hole and suffer our agony, in peace and quiet. If people don't leave us alone, they will just have to listen to us until they get the hint and leave us alone.

I can't speak for all guys, but I don't even want anyone taking care of me or trying to help when I'm sick. When really sick, I don't get hungry and can not stand the sight or smell of food. I don't like loud noise, so I don't want to hear anyone talking above a whisper and I definitely don't want to hear the screeching roar of a vacuum.

I just want sleep. I do not want to hear, are you OK??? NO! I am not. So please leave me alone. Do you want what I have just so you can give it back?
I did what work I absolutely had to get accomplished and now I have full intentions of checking my eyelids for holes.

When I was the daddy of two little children I did what I had to do for them but still found time to suffer in silence. It was almost magical that they understood dad was ill and would play nicely and quietly. They would however make up for it the few days following...

All day Sunday I felt bad. Sneezing, coughing and a headache that was out of this world. So today is the third day and it should break up and I should begin to feel better by tomorrow. That's the course this kind of stuff always takes for me and hasn't changed in over fifty years.

It was my dear loving son who first got it and passed it on to dear dad. I'll forgive him, but not until I feel better. In the mean time I'll sneeze as loudly as possible and cough as much as necessary all night long so he gets a bad sleep. That's just the nature of bad colds and that should be payback enough.

For now... I'm going to have a hot cup of coffee with my old friend Grand Dad and then go to bed and try and cook this out. I won't even ask please. I'll just say, do not disturb! Unless of course you have a really big desire to hear me choke, sneeze and complain.

Yes, men are like babies when we're sick and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
So you all go and have a really great day full of smiles. I'll get back to smiling tomorrow. 

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