Thursday, May 26, 2011


The weather has been a bit better here lately. It's still way to wet, but at least the rain has been holding off until night. That doesn't make it much better for getting field work done, but it is allowing for getting much needed chores and some other work done.

The past three days we have been building a new chicken coop. We needed a smaller one because there are only two of us here now. But once again I went for overkill. We now have what I am calling the Taj Ma Coop. Doubt though that the chickens will care at all...

There are still so many chores to get caught up on. The long winter has left broken tree branches laying everywhere. They must be cleaned up from the field before we make hay. Now that hay is becoming another problem.

With all the rains we've had the hay is growing really fast. I'm seeing seed heads already and not just tiny seed heads. So not only is there fields that still need prepared and planted, but when it dries up we have to start making hay right away.

My son went to do some trimming along the road and other places around some fields. He no sooner got started and an older hydraulic hose broke and the tractor developed some mechanical problems at the same time. So we had to drop everything and get to work fixing that.

Of course that led to a unexpected trip for parts. That trip led to running into people we haven't seen for a while so we ended up chatting with them to catch up and be sociable. Then of course we were hungry so had to stop and eat.

Once home a neighbor stopped to chat while we were trying to get some work done. Then another neighbor stopped with a car they were considering buying and asked us to check it out for them. So we lost even more time making sure they weren't buying a piece of junk.

As we were getting some work done finally, my daughter stopped to let me know my grand daughter had her preschool graduation ceremony. We needed to pick up some fencing materials so we ran for them and then came home, quickly cleaned up and changed clothes and ran to the school for the ceremonies. Once again badly needed work got pushed aside for life.

Ahh yes, the weather is finally breaking for the better and life is becoming one silly distraction after another. But I'm having the best time of my life. There is nothing like being so busy that even stopping to eat is a distraction!

Now I have some plans for today. I'm just wondering what kind of distractions will pop up today. Hmm, maybe some pretty lady will get lost and wonder up my road and offer to fix me a great meal... Yah, that'll happen.

Well I have to get busy working and smiling, so have a great day and keep up that wonderful smile despite any distractions that come your way!!!

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