Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Did My Sweet Baby Go

They were tiny little babies and needed you. They grew bigger into toddlers and still needed you. They threw their little tantrums when they wanted something you were not willing to give, but those tantrums weren't so bad. Some were even cute.

When they hurt you felt so bad. They couldn't tell you where it hurt, they didn't know... They couldn't tell you how it hurt, they didn't know the words to describe it. So the game was played by you pointing here and there while asking does it hurt here, how about there, how about here... Until you finally found the spot that hurt.

Then came the worrying what it could be. You'd imagine the worst, my poor little baby will not survive! But a miracle would occur while you were worrying and the miraculous healing would lead to laughter and playing! Sometimes though, that healing didn't come quick enough and you would rush them to the doctors and demand they see your child now!

Then after a thorough examination the doctor would announce it was nothing to be concerned about and give you an expensive prescription and a hefty bill.
Seriously, I think that was their way of trying to keep you from coming back...

Little tantrums in stores when they wanted all the prettiest toys. They could be overcome with something else quite easily. Sometimes they couldn't and you'd be embarrassed, but not to embarrassed to return... Many was the time I myself considered putting a for sale sign on my children when little and leaving them on a shelf at the store... But love overcame and I'd keep them.

Toddlers get that pouty little face and even sometimes tears, maybe mixed with a bit of sobbing, but it never lasts long and they're playing again. Giving hugs and kisses and loving you for being you and it's so easy to love them in return.

Then they grow into teens...

They've been educated with words you wouldn't use yourself. They no longer feel it's a cool thing to give mom and dad kisses and hugs. They feel they have a right to demand everything they want and more! They don't even have a comprehension of the cost...

Whining and sobbing has grown to a hateful yelling, filled with a foray of words that would make anyone turn their head in disgust. The pouty look has turned into a look that could kill. The door slams that shake the house. The deafness when we speak to them or ask them to do something. Grudges and spite now live where once there was a child we could love and wanted to.

You begin to wonder what you were even thinking when you wanted children. You question you sanity! Is there any sanity left! Do I still have a brain! Is it still working! Where did I go wrong? How could I have failed as a parent and taught this child to be like this? Maybe I should run away and hide! Let them have everything if only they'll leave me alone...

What's wrong with this generation of children, we never... Uh... Yah we did.
It may have been a little different, but we did. We may have had parents that would have attempted to knock our heads off if some of those words escaped our mouths. Our attitudes may have even been a bit different, but we did.

Every generation that has ever lived has gone through the anti establishment days. They all have rebelled against their parents and authority.
It's the way of learning who you are, who you want to be and where you fit in. Testing the bounds and pushing the limits is something we all have done in some way or another.

The funny thing about it all is, there are those of us who think about it later in life and actually apologize to our parents for putting them through whatever we did. We wonder how they survived us... That usually happens when we become parents of teens. It's not until then that we realize what a pain in the butt we were...

Even as adults we rebel. We just learn how to do it and not let anyone know.
Those stolen moments at work, the speeds we drive, the not hearing when our spouse asks us to do something, even the words that we have going through our heads that we don't say when our teens do...

So today as you rebel against teens, remember to laugh and smile, while knowing that you and the world will somehow survive the teen years yours are going through now.
It may seem it will last forever, but it will end all to soon...

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