Monday, May 23, 2011

The End

So did May 21st come and go or did the world end like so many feared and no one told me? Darned, and I went out and spent my cash and ran up my credit cards having a good time and one last Caffe' Mocha at Starbucks before the end was supposed to come... Now I need even more cash to pay off my debts!

Look folks, the world's end has been predicted for centuries by people and it's never happened. According to the Bible, we will never know when the end will come. That is only for God to know. Further more, after the great flood, God said he would never again destroy the earth.

I've heard so many so called Christians worrying over the predicted end, that I just can't believe they are really Christians! Have they never read their Bible for themselves? Nope, just like when I used to go to church like a good little boy instructed to do so by family, people go and half listen to a preacher and take half of that half for their own beliefs. So when someone comes along and predicts the end, they fall for it hook, line and sinker.

I've read the bible for myself and am a believer. Not a believer of religion, but a believer of God, the universe, and life. The bible taught me that being a blind believer in what someone else tells you, makes you not much more than a fool. Read the bible and question the preachers when you think they teach wrong. It's there for you to read and understand for yourself... The only end I read about was the possible end of your own life, and again you'll never know when that will be for sure...

Then I read in the news that the stockholders of Mc Donald's refused to fire Ronald as their trademark and ambassador. Gee, I just don't get it. How is it Ronald's or Mc Donald's fault if people and kids are getting fat? No one is forced to eat at Mc Donald's. No one has to quiet their kids by stopping at Mc Donald's.

No all they have to do is adopt the “just say no” attitude. When the kids kick, scream and whine, make them do without a Mc Donald's treat even longer! They need to be taught and you need to get tough! Mc Donald's is not at fault and neither is Ronald. It's the parents with no back bone that are at fault.

So to all the whining people, please, start accepting the fact that it's not someone else's fault and accept that you are responsible for you and the way you give in to your kids. You are also to blame that the children are growing up with the “world owes me” attitude. It's you giving in and not making them earn what they want, that is causing this attitude.

You must get tough! It's the children that suffer when they get out into the world, for your weakness to be a parent that says no and backs it up! Do ya think a boss will give in to the whining??? Sorry, life don't work that way...

Now if I could just predict the end to Mc Donald's charging me to eat one of those double barrel heart attacks, aka double quarter pounder with cheese, I like so much! That would be something worth my while! Then if they could serve it with a Starbucks caffe' mocha! I'd be in heaven in more ways than one...

So until the end does come lets all just enjoy our lives, help everyone we can and smile like there is no tomorrow!!!