Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Computer Made Me Do It

That new computer I picked up a week ago is just about ready for me to use. It has been a nonsensical task getting all the preloaded junk out that I don't want, and getting what I do want installed. But I have become a bit particular about what I want on a computer...

I despise all the ET call home junk that programmers have installed in their programming. MS seems to be one of the worst for that, but so many others do the same. Well, I live way out in the countryside and have only dial up. To pay for anything faster would equal parting with enough money each month to pay for about six meals or more...

So all that phone home crud eats up to much of my precious time. I dedicate one day a week updating important apps. and apps. I use. When doing those updates I don't do any browsing or surfing. I give the updates all the space they need to finish in a reasonable amount of time. When the apps. want to search and download on their own, they cut into my time and that's no different than a cell phone bugging me when I'm busy. So programs need taken out and phone home apps. need to be found and shut down.

I like basic programs. Programs that are easy to understand and use and that take up as little of the computers resources as possible.
And why is it that every programmer seems to think their programs should start when my computer does? Sorry, I don't use all my pots, pans and dishes at the same time, nor all the farm equipment I have. So why would I need them all out and started every time I start a day?
That forces me to find all the junk and shut that down too.

Maybe it's because I started with a second hand IBM that ran off of DOS, I picked it up at a second hand store just to see if I could use it and it would be useful to me. It ran so efficiently and so fast that it was fun to learn. Today however computers are not so. Why can't they sell basic computers which can be used and added to in your own way? No, that would be to easy and cost less. The companies that sell the overpriced junk wouldn't stand a chance if their programs were not already added.

I'm sure there are some people who need preloaded apps. Not everyone knows how to find and add easier programs to use or even know what programs are out there that they could use. But many more of us do. So make computers suitable for both!

I also make a trip to Starbucks and have a tasty treat when I do my updates. They have free wireless connections which take less time to update with. So it gives me a chance to enjoy while doing the mundane task of updating. That is another excuse I have for not wanting wireless here at home, and by darned, I'm sticking with it.

I was having a problem though... When I tried to connect wirelessly I couldn't get my browser to connect. I spent some time for several days and had no luck. That did give me more time to enjoy Starbucks each time I tried something different though...

Finally I took the new computer to a guy who works on them for a living and really knows what he's doing. He also runs a hobby shop with very expensive toys. I like that guy! Even bought a few radio controlled helicopters from him to play with. Aww, the big kid in me... But they are fun! Outta see the dogs when I buzz them. Outta see the neighbors when I fly over them!

Back to the point though... When he looked at my problem he had it fixed and working so fast I completely missed what he did. I had to get him to go over it and show me. Damned... It was something so basic that I never gave it a thought... So there I stood all embarrassed and red faced... Even better, he refused to charge me. He even showed me some of the new features and how they worked!

So I needed a clip on belt case for my camera and bought one from him. Think that was the least I could do... Never even asked for a discount or argued the price... Nope, when someone will help and knows what their doing and is willing to show you how, you treat them real good.

Besides, he has an even bigger helicopter I have my eye on and I'll dicker on that price!!! Or maybe that big airplane... Hmm. That could be great for a few laughs. We've even come up with ways to mount spy cams on them for even more laughs and maybe even some great wildlife shots...

Hmm, maybe another trip to Starbucks is in order this evening to see if there are any new security updates... never can be to safe, can ya : )

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