Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mouth

I see guys treating women bad quite a bit and I complain about it a lot. But another thing that bugs me is how to many guys talk with their filthy mouths around their women.

First, off color words or filth, are only a sign of lack of intelligence. They are to dumb to think of anything better to say.
Second, a real man knows how to speak without using dumb words. It's only an insecure little boy of a man who needs to back himself up with foul words.

I worked my life as a construction worker and was also a biker. Believe me, I know words most never heard of. I even made up some of my own. But that was for around other guys in guy situations. Showing respect by not using those words around ladies is just what a real man does!

I won't even use them around women who will use them. It just don't sit right in my mind. Mater of fact. I'm not to sure what kind of relationship I could even have with a woman who spoke continuously with a foul mouth. How would I ever be able to respect her more than just one of the guys...

Then I also hear guys calling their ladies some of those words. Do you really think that is what she is? Do you want others thinking that is what she is? How would you feel if someone called your daughter some of those names or words? Like me you would probably punch him square on the mouth.

So common guys! Lets try cleaning it up and treating those ladies as the wonderful women they are. Lets all start a new trend and make this life just a little better by cleaning ourselves up a bit!

Wouldn't hurt either to say something to our buddies we hear talking to women like that...

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  1. i have always said that we need more men to speak out about issues like these, because those men who disrespect woman won't listen to a woman who complains about it. They will just call her a nag. But they may listen to another man! So i thank you Ivan, for taking a stand and trying to teach a better level of respect. Not just for men, but woman also. We can all do with treating each other with more respect, but particularly the guys you spoke of who use foul words to describe their partners. That is just sad. Imagine how much happier he would be if his partner was treated well and therefore happier in herself? He would be happier also. If you cause misery, then you end up wallowing in misery. No good for anyone! Thank You Ivan. Deeply. :-)