Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Makes No Sense

Being a thinking person isn't always good.

As I was falling off to sleep the night of May 1st, I heard that Osama was finally dead.
That was not necessarily all bad. On 9/11 the plane that came down here in Pennsylvania came down near the school my son was attending. I was many miles away watching the events in New York on a TV and feeling very bad that so many innocent people were being slaughtered because of this man. It was him that incited and gave the orders to the terrorists that lead to the murders and devastation.

I worried so much for my son and daughter and the ways that they could be feeling. I left where I was and didn't have a care that my life was taking a back seat to the lives and feelings of safety and security of my children. I drove straight to the schools they were attending and picked them up.

But when I woke up and turned on the Monday morning news I see that people are celebrating the death of Osama. Big celebrations at college's, big celebrations in the streets. I get on line and again I read about celebrations. I read some of what other people have written. I feel shame...

I am not totally against the death penalty. Some who do harm to others should be put to death. I'm not against sending armed troops after someone really bad who is killing people and trying to force their ways on others.

What has sickened me is the celebration of the death of another human being. He was not by any indication a good man, but still he was a human. The celebration of his death looks to me like we as humans have dropped to the same level as he and his terrorist buddies.

Honestly wouldn't it be the same as celebrating after an execution at a prison.
To see any human celebrating the death of another makes me wonder just what kind of civilization we are.

I'm very proud of and thankful for all the troops who have gone and fought against the terrorists and are trying to make this world a better place for all. I honor them and thank them. I thank the families who have lost members of their families who have served and to them goes my thanks and heartfelt sympathy.

I am glad that this man with his murdering ways who incited many followers to believe as he did is gone. No longer can he influence with his mouth or actions. But so many of his followers live on, is it over? 
Other people will find a reason to disagree without learning to accept that others are different. How long before another terrorist is born? 

I can not bring myself to “celebrate” the death of any human for any reason. Peace is not found by death, not even inner peace, only more loneliness.

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  1. Is it ever okay to mimic a madman and say we were within our rights? To behave in the same manner as those we oppose, and expect that to be okay because we did it for "good" does not make us better. We killed a monster in a monstrous way. It will not erase terrorism, it does not promote peace. It was an assassination of a man, with no judicial process, surrounded by lies and stories. This HAS served a purpose. But whose purpose has it served? Who will gain from this? And who will fall in harms way when the repercussions start?