Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have a really bad headache. That headache is coming from a messed up neck that has been a problem for years. I twisted it wrong a few days ago and it's been smarting ever since. I also have a messed up back. Hurt that from working, a few falls and some really dumb childish attempts to do daredevil things one shouldn't do. Flaws...

Everyone has a flaw or more than one. No one is perfect. Some have emotional flaws that are from being mistreated in childhood. Some have emotional flaws from things that happen while being an adult. Many from heartbreak. Hmm, I have that one myself.

I have known people who were so smart they would leave you shaking your head in awe at brilliant things they would say. Yet they were the people who felt they were the dumbest. Not one thing I could say or do to prove they were wrong would help. But often when I needed to know things they were the people I turned to. They could always be depended on for good sound answers and advice.

Most of the people I know with the biggest hearts who care for others live with the pain of a broken heart. Yet they constantly put theirselves out there by helping others. They don't even realize they have love and are sharing that love by giving it to others. These are the most wonderful people I know.

I've also known many big bad bikers. Many of them had scars that would make them feel bad. Some from childhood abuse who hid their scars and would not allow theirselves to talk about them. Some from actions they were forced into during their military hitches. Them too they could not talk about without breaking into tears.

Emotional hurt and pain leaves us feeling alone and hopeless. Physical pain leaves us feeling alone and hopeless too.
Yet there is not one perfect human being on this earth. We all have something that makes us suffer and we are not alone.

I wasn't even going to try and write a blog today, but I just felt a need.
Someone, somewhere, has a need to know they're not alone in their own pain. So even though this is a short blog I'm here saying, you are not alone and one day you will be feeling better.

We really are just all perfectly flawed.

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  1. Thank you, Ivan, and I hope your headache goes away soon. Both of those types of pain, I can identify with.