Friday, May 20, 2011

Yea Spring

During the recent dry week we had we were able to get some work done, just not enough before the rains started again. But was also able to get some of the flower beds planted. Those seeds are starting to come up!

The Lilac's are blooming beautifully, but so are the Dandelions. And the grass is growing way to fast! The cherry trees are done blooming and there are tons of baby cherries beginning their growth. My mouth is watering already and it will be a while before the birds and I are in a race to see who gets the most. I always lose at that race...

Even the Grapes are coming along.

It'll be a while until these baby Grapes are ready to give us a treat
and jelly. But they're so cute when starting and so fun to watch grow.

Everything is getting green and the wild plants are showing their springtime colors. Yes, life is returning to pretty!!! As soon as it dries up enough it's time to plant the tomatoes and peppers. We did get the garden tilled, but the rain started again and we didn't get it planted yet. I'm about a month late this year at that, because of the wet spring.

But lookie here! We have visitors to the yard.

If ya look carefully to the right you can see his girlfriend.
But they aren't very sociable...

Nope, here they are leaving after we watched to long.
They do have a family of little ones here. But I didn't see them today. We found their nest a few weeks ago and have been watching. The eggs hatched and we do see the little ones sometimes, but they stay hidden for the most part. Soon though they will be strutting with mom and dad. And we'll get to say hello and watch them too. Well at least until they decide we've watch enough and they leave. As long as we leave them alone though they will spend most of the summer with our yard as home. They do most every year. Guess as long as we watch from a distance and they feel safe, they stay.

Well, I'm outta here for the weekend and I certainly hope you spend your weekend smiling and watching the wonderful world we live in. The people may be a bit strange and hard to take, but the real things of nature are never to hard to smile about and take!!!


  1. Always love the pictures. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. It's a delight to read your blogs Ivan. Your positive, upbeat posts always leave me smiling. The pictures are wonderful. Loving nature as you do, you are in a perfect position to appreciate it. thanks for sharing it with us. ;-)