Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love Garden

When we plant a garden, we have to keep an eye on it almost every day. When it looks dry we need to water it so the plants don't shrivel and die. When it doesn't look healthy we need to feed and nourish it so the plants we love so much will be healthy. When we see weeds begin to grow, we need to pluck them out so they won't take over and destroy all our hard work.

We pick out what it is we like the most. We prepare for the future with that which nourishes the thing we like the most. We spend our energies insuring that the thing we like the most will grow the way we hope. Eventually what we like the most shows us its love and gives its beauty to us. It gives us the life that comes from its body and we're happy and fulfilled.

For the gifts we give to it and the loving care we put into it, we are given good things in return. If we choose to ignore it, it fails and we are left with a withered thing that may not be able to survive. An unhealthy thing surrounded and choked by weeds that in the least will take a lot of time, patience and hard work to bring back to a healthy state.

Mankind seems to have a good understanding of this and we go about raising crops and doing a good job of it. Yet we fail to see that it's no different with a relationship...

Weed seeds that bring ruin to relationships are planted every day. While at work, at stores, on the radio and on television. At bars, at gyms, even by unintended comments and chat by neighbors, friends and family. Single words and statements said in jest, but taken in and rooting in the fertile minds of the unsuspecting. Even words intended to bring destruction by people who are jealous and self serving.

A good loving relationship is a beautiful thing and it is constantly under attack just like the beautiful plants.

One may go to work while the other takes care of the family and home or they both may work. They each have seeds planted in their minds by different things and people. The different seeds each grow separately causing us to grow and change.

If we don't pay attention to the gardens of each others minds, weed seeds take hold and grow. If we don't work at controlling those weeds they take over and destroy our relationships. If we don't feed and nourish the relationship with good things it will wither.

People who are taken lightly and are not nourished properly don't have deep roots to keep them in the same place. Their more like vines that grow in different directions. Should the soil they started in become poor they will take root in good soil somewhere else and the old parts will die off.

So if you don't want that little tomato at home in your garden to wither and wilt, you had better nourish them with gifts that feed. You had better listen for the weeds growing in their minds that will eventually cause the love you have to be choked out and bring your love to ruin. Carefully pluck those weeds and save the wonderful thing you have.

Tend your relationship as you would with a garden and that relationship may stand a chance of rewarding you with its wonderful fruits long into your future. Keep on ignoring it and you will lose it to the weeds of the world...

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