Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Give Up, Really?

Ever stop and really consider history? People hunting with clubs and roughly fashioned spears to feed their families and protect there families from other families or groups. Living in caves with rocks for seats and needing to keep a fire burning for warmth. People who had to fight to keep their hunting territories and caves.

People in little huts with small farms who had to withstand tyrants who ruled the lands and would take what they wanted for taxes. Sometimes leaving families with little or nothing to survive. Making life so miserable that the people would revolt and overthrow the tyrants at the cost of many lives.

With most of this occurring before long before modern weapons. They fought with rocks, sticks fashioned into clubs and their bare hands. Usually against the armies of the tyrants who had better weapons and even rode on horses and were in great numbers.

How about the brave souls that would strike out on their own and move to strange unknown lands. Then settle those lands and make it possible for their families and others to move there. That took bravery and a lot of really hard work just to survive. No grocery stores, just the wildness of nature to forage from until they started a garden to grow food. Still having to hunt for meat with crude weapons.

People who had to survive the freezing cold of long winters with nothing but a small fire for heat. People who had to fight on against wild animals who would think nothing of having them for a meal. Then taking the skins or hides of those animals and fashioning some sort of crude clothes to help keep them warm and protected from the elements. Using the meat for food to survive.

Still down through history having to fight against someone who wanted to take what they had built and worked so hard for. Meanies, bullies and tyrants who wanted nothing more than to enslave them or maybe even just kill them to get them out of their way.

History tells about people who survived great mechanized wars. Even the families who were left behind after their warriors were killed fighting to protect them and their freedoms. These were people that carried on the DNA, the genetic make up of the those who came before them.

These are also the people who are our ancestors! Yes, all the champions and heroes that made what we have today possible are our ancestors. They were also the lovers that gave us the chance to be here. The survivors and winners from of ancient times who are long forgotten, who won against all odds.

We are all here because they persisted through their doubts, fears and having little to survive with. They remained brave and fought against worse bullies than most of us will ever meet. Not bullies that called names and made them feel bad, but bullies that would think nothing of killing them and taking everything they had.

So when you think of giving up or feel like giving up, think about the great qualities of those that are your ancestors, the bravery and strength they had just so you could be here today. They didn't give up! 

So just go on, keep that smile and and laugh in the face of the bullies and the problems in your life. You truly do come from the blood of heroes, survivors and winners! You are greatness! You really have, through your ancestors hard lives, earned everything you can imagine and are willing to work for!

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