Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Call Me The Snoop

When your a parent of young children and teens, there are questions that seem to just pop into your mind... Questions like, I know their father and he's got a brain that sometimes works. I have a brain that works. How can my child have no brain at all?

My child seems smart. They get decent grades in school and seem to be capable of learning. Why oh why can't they learn something here at home?
Is it me? Am I just incompetent as a parent and can in no way teach them and guide them?

What will they do next to bring more worry and heartbreak into my life and theirs? What kind of acts of rebellion will they come up with next? Should I snoop my childs Facebook account?

I might know someone who does. Alright a few someones!
Not just too many years back, kids could do some really dumb things that would make the neighborhood or even the town cringe with fear and have everyone wagging their tongues with talk about that family down the street.

But as children grew and learned those problems would slowly fade into the sunset. Many people wouldn't even remember the acts that brought the fame to a childs name. Their bad acts and deeds would not be located in history books and encyclopedias.

The goofy and sometimes dangerous acts, the frivolous and even lewd acts like streaking the local high school football stadium or a local parade, would just be left behind and slowly blow away like dust in the wind. There may have been a few who remembered when, but they watched while the kids grew into long term thinking beings and smiled.

There may have even been some home movies that caught some of the acts of kids as they stretched their worlds bounds while experimenting and learning who and what they were. But those seldom left home. Some were caught by local news papers or TV stations, yet they too became no more than tapes collecting dust on shelves.

Some do get seeked out and put on display later if a child grows up and decides to become a politician, or grows up and becomes a boss with authority.

Then came along a TV show, Funniest Video's. Now the world could see the acts and deeds of an immature mind, incapable of thinking beyond the moment. They also were forgotten by most and were placed on shelves somewhere.

Now we have this internet. One can take a picture when they dress up all sexy, or undress, and easily add it to their account. One could record their stupidity and put it on the internet for everyone in the entire world to see.

Then anyone can witness the the inane acts and even download them for their personal enjoyment or to attempt to humiliate you at a later date. With the click of a few buttons, any and all that has been placed on the internet can be searched out and found. Usually at the most inopportune time in the life of a human who has become an adult.

Auntie Wag Tongue Wanda can find it and humiliate you at each and every family get together. Uncle Laughing Larry could be showing this even when your old and gray and have children of your own. Now wouldn't that destroy any integrity you have with your own kids...

In my own opinion, yes! You should inspect your childrens account. Not looking for all the itty bitty dirt that you could use against them when your angry that they won't clean their rooms. Not seeking new and exciting ways to ruin their lives and infringe on their happiness.

Rather to help them protect their futures and their possible future dignity.

Should you find something you don't approve of you need to delete it or make them delete it. Then talk with your child and discuss the possible future outcomes or results of what they say or do.

Let them know that as long as your the one paying the bills and your really the owner of said computer, phone, I Pad or whatever, you will control it and it's use by anyone who is “allowed or isn't” to use your instrument. Make them aware that even if it was a gift from someone else, they only use it with your permission.

Yes. In my house I am God and I will lord my mightiness over you right up until the day you leave. I will then take every possible opportunity to stick my nose into your personal life and do whatever or say whatever I think you need to keep you straight, right up to the time I see you acting responsibly!

Yes, you have a right to privacy and you'll get it when you grow up and have a home of your own and a life of your own. Mess up then and you'll find out there isn't much privacy in a jail cell, or living on the streets because your actions as a child make it impossible to find a job.

Your the parent. Your child is your responsibility. Your childs moral teaching is your duty. Your childs possible future is at stake. Take charge and be a real parent!

Point out that anything put on the internet will be out there forever. Anything can be copied and pasted. Not just to someones computer, but to anywhere else on the internet. There is no privacy on the internet. Nothing is totally safe. Even secure sites and areas have been hacked, much to the embarrassment of many people. Even peoples bank accounts and credit accounts get hacked.

So how could anyone expect any personal information to be safe? How can a Facebook account with anything you post including pictures be safe? Heck, might as well take the blinds off the windows and build glass walls on your house...

So just do it. Smile while your imposing on your childs life and ruining it. Smile while knowing that for all the tears and eye rolls of today they may have a chance at a decent life with decent employment. Then smile even more as you recall the dumb stuff you did and realize your oh so happy the universe has no proof you did...

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