Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Such A Hard Life

Wonder why when we're young we are always so bored. There never seems to be enough to do or no place to go. Then we start a working life and we never have time to do the things we would like to do. But when we get older we kinda wish we didn't have so much to do and that other people would give us a break...

Even on days... Or especially on days where I have nothing to do, someone will come knocking on my door and all I want is to go take a nap... Then when I'm busy outside someone always wants to stop and chat... Wonder if I'm becoming anti social in my older age!

Now when it's the grandkids I'll drop everything like a hot rock and play for a while, have fun and talk. Just yesterday my grand daughter wanted me to come for some ice cream from her little ice cream maker. I went and had a great time. She was so proud of herself and it made me feel full of warm smiles.

Then there is the question of struggles and hardship. Children seem to take struggle and hardship in stride and just move on to the next project or game. They don't get bogged down by struggle and hardship.

But teens and young adults get obsessed by them. Then we hear the lines about waiting for them to pass and be over so their lives can begin and they can have a good life...

Went through some of that myself. Felt like nothing was fair and wanted all the problems to just disappear. Wanted my life to become as struggle and hardship free as others I would see.

I'm not to sure how and when it happened but somewhere along the line struggle and hardship just didn't seem like much any longer. Guess I realized that they were just a part of life. The happiness of others that I had seen now became clear. They just worked through struggle and hardship with a smile on their faces.

Once I began to do that myself, struggle and hardship became easier to take. Now I get upset when I don't have at least a little struggle and hardship. Life just seems to get boring and routine.

So when I have to struggle through some hardship I do it with a smile. When I become to confused to keep working my way through them, I smile like that little child and find something else to occupy my time for a while. Then when I return to the problems the answers begin to show theirselves to me.

Life is really nothing but struggle. Hardships are just the obstacles in the path on our journey to the finish line. The only way through or past them is thought and work. You slowly work your way through them and become more knowledgeable and stronger as you go.

So smile and enjoy the struggles and hardships that are in your life. Learn to learn from them and play the game of life with a grin on your face.

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