Saturday, July 9, 2011


The chickens I got earlier this year during the spring are putting on size and doing well. I did give six to a neighbor who had lost all but two of hers to wild animals. I didn't really want all that I had bought but had to take them for the order. So when she told me of her bad luck I offered to just give her some.

There is only my son and myself and a dozen eggs a day will be way to many for us. Heck, seven a day may be to many and just about all the neighbors are keeping there own chickens now. Gee, guess I really started something...

My son in law and daughter are keeping chickens, ducks and something called a turkin. It's not really part turkey, that's just what it's named... One ugly lookin chicken if you ask me. Poor thing has no feathers on its neck! But it is getting really big!

The son and I had made a run to town one day recently and when we returned home I saw my little girls were having some company. I grabbed the camera as quick as I could but their company was already leaving because we pulled in. When we did pull in and I first saw him he was standing right at the fence and the chickens were right on the inside and it looked like they were chatting with each other!

Here's a close up I managed to get when I zoomed in a bit.

I can't help but wonder about their conversation. Were the girls complaining because they can't get out... Was he telling them his tales of the wild he lives in... Or was he asking them to toss out some of their feed... Wonder if that Casanova has romantic designs on the chickens... Hmm, wonder if a pheasant and chicken would cross... Would that be a pheskin or maybe a chickant...

Don't know but still it was a nice sight to see!

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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