Friday, July 22, 2011

Just A Thought

Whats an old guy whose alone on another Friday evening with no place to go and no one to go with, while he sits on his porch, in a rocking chair with his feet propped up on a bench, looking out under the leaf covered branches of a tree, over fields and tops of tree covered hills do?

His mind recalls days from his past with smiles. He ponders the possibilities of life in the future. He has recollections of history he's heard from other that were before him. He meanders in his mind back to the desires of a having someone to love, to talk with, to hold hands and feel wanted. He meditates of where things went wrong and all the wrong he's heard and observed in the world.

He begins to formulate in his nutty ole head just how things should be and would, should he ever get the courage to make another attempt of accepting someone and allowing them to touch his heart again... Here's another crazy thought that passed through the deep dark recesses of my cobweb filled head.
Being in a relationship is a lot like having children. Your relationship like a child is born. They both need nourished every day. They both need to learn and be learned. With proper attention and a lot of hard work they can both grow into something beautiful and lasting.

It may at first sound strange or even funny, but a relationship is a living thing. It wasn't always there, it was born when you first attracted, amused, then impressed each other. The cute and funny things you said that made you both smile and laugh. The way you looked with desire into each others eyes. The little gifts you gave to one another that left each know the other was thinking about you.

When a child is born it needs fed. Without regular nourishment it can't survive. If a relationship isn't nourished it will starve and die also. Food for a relationship is doing little things that allows the other to know you still care and that they are important. Same as when your relationship was born, it needs nourished with fun dates and romance. It still needs smiles, joy and happiness, to continue on.

When a child is born there is no instruction manual. Every child has it's own personality and individual needs which change as they grow. There is something new to be discovered and learned every day. A relationship is individual of itself and can have no instruction manual, it too changes as it grows. Just like with children if you don't listen and pay attention to how it grows, it grows into something you don't know or recognize.

Children need to be educated. We send them to school for the ABC's, but we teach them other things about life at home. When they get new ideas that may not be good, we hear them or see them and try to teach them better. Relationships also gets new ideas influenced from outside. If we don't stay up to date and stay educated about our relationship, it will become outdated and fall into the past.

Without proper attention and hard work by you, a child will become a wild beast. Not capable of understanding the importance of living within the rules known as laws. Only able to understand their own wants and desires. Self serving and self centered, they'll end up in jail or dead. Without proper attention and work a relationship too will become a wild beast, unable to be tamed and will be lost and put to death.

Both children and relationships take hard work.
Give them something to make them smile and feel wanted. Give a smile when they make you happy. Scold them when they make you angry, but always be fast to let it go. Let them know you miss them when their not with you. Hug them always, but especially when they need a hug.
Listen closely when they need to speak and never give advice unless asked. Let them know you love them each and every day, but more when their feeling down. Never, ever let the thrills and mysteries of romance become a thing of the past.

Just another sample of the silly stuff that rolls through the simple mind of a lonely old man as he goes and grows through his simple life...

Join me here on this site as I journey through the funny, the mysterious, the odd. The crazy, the zany, the foolish. The occasional wise and intelligent accidents. The preaching, the wondering. The sharing of the thoughts and feelings that wonder through the mind of a smiling old guy.

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