Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Or Ms. Perfect

Everyone has their own individual idea of what perfection is. Be it perfection in theirself or perfection in a partner. With all the individual, unique ideas of perfection there can be no absolute perfection.

So how do you even begin to find someone who is perfect for you... Maybe by asking yourself a few questions before letting physical attraction make you fall head over heals and losing your mind. Before allowing lust to blind you to the obvious.

Do they make you smile and laugh? Without smiles and laughter life gets kinda boring. Laughter can overcome about any bad situation. Seriously, have you ever tried to stay mad at someone when your laughing? No matter how great life is there will be times when you get angry, but laughter will help bring that anger to an end.

Can they admit to being wrong and apologize? After all, we are only human and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are funny and when admitted to can make us laugh. Some mistakes are just plain dumb and again can be hilarious if allowed to. Some mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment and are very hurtful... Without a serious, meaningful, heartfelt apology they can not even begin to be put in the past.

Does that person really make you think? Think about what you'll do and how you will do some things before making plans for yourself? Even how you think of yourself?

Can you accept that person exactly like they are without having to try and change them? People do change a bit every day. Environment, other people, things that are read, things that are heard, new ideas that pop into the mind and many other things will cause people to change without their even realizing it. But, no one can be changed by you...

When in a relationship some things will change simply because they want to change for you. If they don't feel a need or want to change, they won't. You may “cause” a change, but it won't last. Trying to force change on someone is just useless, they will go back to being theirself eventually. True change comes from desire within and you can't expect more from someone than they can naturally give...

As close as you could ever come to perfect in a relationship is two who are will to give to each other. Give each other an ear when it's needed. Give understanding, give comfort. Each willing to give their time to be with the other and give a little free time when that's required.

Two who do all they can to ensure that there is trust, honesty, desire and love. Each willing to give small gifts which bring joy to the other. Each being able to give the other an occasional smile. Each accepting that they are wrong and are willing to admit to it. Each willing to laugh with the other over all the dumb stuff and mistakes that will happen.

Each giving acceptance of the child in one another who does dumb things. Each giving ear and mind to the needs, wants and desires of the other as they continue to grow and change. Each giving the desire and willingness to grow with the other. Not stand in the way of the other.

Each willing to give the romance and care that feeds a relationship. Relationships that thrive need fed and cared for. If only one side is being fed, it will dwindle and die...
Each must be willing to give all this even when your so tired you could drop.

Yes, the two must become one. Becoming one there is communication needed to stay a couple. There is nourishment and care that must be given to continue to grow and be beautiful. A relationship is like a baby child.

It starts in infancy and needs to be nourished, listened to, cared for and tended to, to continue on it's way through life.
Quit caring for it and like a child it will strike out and leave you, home alone...

What do you think? Do you have any ideas that could help people with relationships?

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