Monday, July 25, 2011

Organize ???

I probably need to organize. Everything is out of place, things I need are always hidden by other things.
I try to convince myself organization is over rated. So I've got my excuses.

I can't find things and need to clean up? No, finding the things I need is a nice way to have a nostalgic visit with all the things that are in my way.
Another way to look at it is like a treasure hunt or an archeological dig through the ancient past.

It looks like a mess? No it's not a mess, it's the style of decor, a fashion called early junkyard or tangled dump. I'm a great fashion designer!
It's not a mess it's pop art. I'm just showing off my artistic abilities. My home is my pallet...

If it were organized I would be able to find things when I need them and would get projects done more quickly? Yah, and then I would have even more time to be bored...

Besides, if I cleaned all this junk up and organized it, no one would visit me. Ever notice how no one comes for a visit when your place is clean!
And what would relatives complain about if I didn't have my mess. If not for the mess, they may actually start to look deeper into me. Who would want that?

Some might say my mess is a sign of laziness. No laziness is having everything put in a designated spot. Do you have any idea at all how much work it takes to find anything you want under a gigantic heap?

Besides, if everything would be put away all neat and tidy, a thief could come in and just pick up what he wants. When it's messy a thief would have to take too much time sorting through everything to try and find anything valuable!
I'm doing my part in fighting crime...

But OK, since the exceptionally wet spring broke and summer began, we have been busy outdoors getting everything caught up and done. No sooner were we finishing one project and four more would rear their ugly heads. Then there were people to see, places to go and things that needed to be done. (Like fishing)

Lawn mowing and the never ending fight against weeds in the garden had to take priority over the inside of the house. People driving by can see the lawn and garden, but not inside my home. Wouldn't want to become the talk of the county because of a messy yard!

And now it's just too darned hot and humid to clean. It's time to be seeking a cool shady spot with a breeze. Maybe even a time to be hunting for a cool stream running beneath the shade of some tall trees to wade into and then park my tired old rump clear up to my neck...

Yet I know I fight a loosing battle... I can come up with all these excuses and even more. I can come up with ideas while lounging in the shade which would make housecleaning so much easier.

Best idea for that I've come up with would be to build my home on stilts. Put big hinges along the wall and a trip latch. Bolt all furniture to the floor or hang furniture from the ceilings. Install big industrial strength ceiling fans. Then on any given windy day, clean the house by tripping the floors open and turning on the fans.

All my dirt, dust and clutter would fall out the bottom and blow away. Then shut off the fans, close the floors and enjoy the wonderful cleanliness of my home. Kinda doubt the neighbors would be very appreciative of my idea, but hey, you can't please everyone...

So I guess I've killed enough time and exhausted plenty of excuses. Guess maybe I should quit the typing and shut down the computer. Turn up the stereo to a rock concert volume, shaking the glass in the windows. Grab dust rag in one hand and vacuum in the other and dance the mess and dirt away.

Hmm... Maybe I should get one of those digital video cameras. Wouldn't that make a great U Tube video... Tidy with tunes... Dancing with the dirt...
Or make it an instructional video... How to freak your neighbors out again!
Or even an exercise video. Sweating to the dust bunnies!

So smile and have a really great clean up day!

But before you go why not join the site and share the love. I promise I won't ask you to clean...

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