Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

So what is independence?
Something I remember as a child my mother and grandmothers complained about quite a bit, my independence...
The thing most parents wish their kids didn't have so much of...
Now wouldn't childrens independence be a great thing to celebrate!!!

Maybe, but not in the case of this day when most people of the US have a day off.
The independence we celebrate is the sovereignty and exercise of self government that was declared and fought so hard for.

Independence Day... The day that so many politicians appear in public to tell more lies er, to praise the nations heritage, laws, history, society and people... The day in 1776 when the second Continental Congress finished debating and revising the Declaration of Independence and approved it. The day we told the Kingdom of Great Britain to stuff it! That we would stand on our own as a great country and not be ruled by them or anyone else.

It's very interesting reading about history and seeing the growing pains we've been through as a country. It's been interesting seeing first hand and in the news, many of the growing pains we've been through during my life. It's kinda scary, but yet interesting to think of where and how we will continue to grow... But grow on, we will!

How do you celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day?


Good old fashioned picnics?

Family reunions?


Parades full of school bands, soldiers, fire engines, and flags?
However you celebrate the day, do it with all your heart and enjoy!
Do it with love for your fellow American and the entire world!
But please remember, it's how you vote and who you vote for, or don't, that determines how our country will grow in the future...

Have a wonderful Independence Day and share that smile!

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