Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Erratic Thoughts

It's HOT. I'm miserable.. Have nothing but thoughts and can't keep any of them long enough to elaborate and even form a paragraph. Heck, as they roll through my sun baked, over cooked “cell” of remaining brain, they're jumbled and confused. So I figured that I'd just share some and hopefully you'll get a smile or something to think about.

Second opinions are not necessarily better than my own.
It's easier to buy new drapes than to clean the old.
It's easier to buy blinds than clean the old.

When fun things become obligations, they lose their ability to amuse and be enjoyable.
When people ask you how you are, they secretly hope you don't really tell them.

Oatmeal made with beer instead of water don't taste good.
Oatmeal made with whiskey don't taste good either...
Chocolate chip cookies do not go well with Old Grand Dad or Scotch.
Lasagna goes well with anything.

Do not try to dress to impress, stick with the jeans and they'll be surprised with what they find.
No matter how hard you try or what you do someone will always expect more.

To keep your kids from eating all your goodies, hide them in the healthy food boxes and bags.
If you can't find a needle you lost on the floor, take off your shoes and walk around...
Throw rugs get rid of ugly spills and stains.
When looking back on the teen years I've discovered I have miraculously survived the twenties and thirties, I realize by my survival, “I” am an over achiever...
Table saws, belt sanders or Dremel Tools do not make good nail clippers.

Before the age of 45 a day with pain makes you worry, from 45 to 50 you just learn to accept it. After 50 a day without pain makes you worry...
Never buy anything before asking yourself, do I really need it.
Pot and pan handles are always twenty times hotter that you expect.
If you need to use a bathroom, someone will be there.
No matter how bad your own problems seem, someone, somewhere has worse.
People struggling together when confronted with crisis tend to forget about religion, sexual orientations and politics.

A small childs pain when they fall is directly proportionate to your seeing and the fuss you make.
A childs curiosity is a terrible thing to waste it leads to their being a wise adult.
A childs imagination when nurtured often leads to their being a inventive, successful adult.
Parents will never be appreciated until a child is about thirty five.

No matter how serious you say something there will always be a way to laugh about it.
When you take yourself to seriously, you find yourself alone.
No matter how smart you think you are someone will show you your wrong.
When your happy and your feeling real good with your head in the clouds, there is always something around the corner to bring you back to reality.

Errors, mistakes and dumb thoughts spoken out loud bring smiles.
Blurted out words of anger bring loneliness and sorrow.
Adults are succeeding in the quest for children to be quiet, now all they do is text.
You'll never miss the sound of your child until they have grown up and have a home of their own.

And one from a friend of years ago... Though it's kind of for adults. So stop here if you worry about being offended.

When the weather's hot and sticky, tis not time to dip the dicky. But when the frost is on the pumpkin, tis the time for dicky dunkin...

Have a really great day and smile as I seek out some shade and curse the river of sweat that's raging into my eyes. Every once in a while I smile as a silly thought or memory comes to my mind.

Hmm, wonder how upset the cows would get if I go sit in their water trough...

I wouldn't get upset at all if you'd click on that join this site button and share in my insanity! And I humbly thank and appreciate those that have, they make an old guys heart feel great!

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