Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alive And Having Fun

Last weekend I mentioned a critter my son in law has. It's called a turkin... I find it kind of ugly looking because it looks strange with no feathers around it's neck. Kinda looks like someone or something tore the feathers from its neck or looks like it's got something that made it lose it's feathers.

But he's one proud little guy who crows just about all day long to let the world know he's there. He doesn't allow his looks to get in the way of him being all that he can be. He doesn't hide or cower from other birds, he stands his ground like the being he is meant to be.

What I think makes no difference to him. What I or anyone else may say makes no difference to him. He just goes about his own life and seems to be enjoying it. Know what? I like that guy!

Hey, I may not be the prettiest guy in the world, but I'm proud to be me!

This is what they look like as little hatchlings.

Cute and cuddly but yet kinda odd with that bald neck... But it to will grow into a wonderful bird and be happy that it's alive to enjoy all life brings it's way!

Speaking of alive... Here are a few pictures of some baby bunnies my son had found already this summer who's mother had been killed by stray cats and by some accidents.

We kept them a few days and saw they were eating on their own and knew to hide when we came around or one of the dogs or the cat would get near the pen. We then took them to one of the quieter areas here on the farm where we seldom see predators and left them free. We watched for a bit and they went about eating and finding hiding places, so I'm sure they will do fine.

We don't have a lot of luck when we find wild babies and try to help them, sometimes we bottle feed them for a while and they still don't make it. But when they do it makes it all feel worthwhile...

Have a great weekend and remember to smile! Your alive, your perfectly you and you too can enjoy all life brings your way and has to offer!

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