Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Politics, Hope ???

New year, new liars oops, government officials, taking charge. Will they do anything for the people? I shake in my under shorts with fear and dread!

The health care that was passed last year was dreadful. Who is going to pay? Where are people going to come up with the money to pay for mandatory health care when they can barely pay their bills? Do they think small business can pay for it? Most small business owners are really just scraping by like the general public.

Again any cost to the businesses will be passed along in the form of higher prices. Every thing we need or want to buy will be more expensive to cover the costs. It's been there forever.
Yearly pay raises are not absorbed by companies. The companies must raise prices on goods or services to make the pay raises possible. The demands on companies for more and more perks do exactly the same.
You get a raise or added perks, you will pay more for things you buy. Now I need more, so I ask for a raise or raise my prices, then you need more... It's all a vicious circle...

I understand from the news media that increased gas tax will be added soon. I also see on the news the people at gas stations saying they no longer can afford gas. Yet they still travel ceaselessly. Wonder if that will change when the new taxes are added...
That too will add to prices of everything else!

I saw our newest President made a deal with Republicans to get some things passed before the end of 2010. That didn't surprise me much. I watched and listened when he was campaigning. I made a remark then, that he seemed more republican than a lot of republicans. So I'm now wondering what will happen this year.

Now there is this Tea Party on the scene. Anything new scares the crap right outta me. Will they be to extreme to do any good? Will they just gum up the works even worse? Will they possibly be a good addition and get the government back on track and get out of peoples way so the people can get this country growing again?

All the bailouts did was helped failing business and banks that should have been laid to rest.
Yes, that would have hurt really bad. For a while...
But others that would run a business as it should be run would have moved in and started us back on track for a solid economical growth.
But no, our wonderful government put another band-aid on some hideous wounds and now expects those wounds to heal. Sorry, not gonna happen...

We still have the same big banks and businesses, with their same arrogant attitudes, that will get back to the same problematic ways of doing business.
I fear I'm right about this and I really fear our children and grandchildren will pay for it!

When a tree in an orchard gets really sick. Ya cut it out and replace it so it doesn't make all the rest sick.
When a weed grows in a garden, ya pull it out and let it die.
Well when big banks and business gets sick... If ya let them die don't ya think a younger, different thinking business will take over and grow and flourish?

Will this terms electeds do any good? Will they think differently? Will they get the “for the people” attitude back on track? Will they realize that high taxes and over regulation not only hurts our pockets but keeps new business from being created? Or will it all come back to the same old business as usual that has taken us from the worlds greatest to the place we are now?

Wish I knew. Wish I had more hope! Guess I'll just have to wait and see...
I'll be here, trembling, waiting to see if anything at all gets better or even on the way to better. I just hope that in a few months we all don't have that same disgusted feeling we've had for so many years...

Maybe I should consider becoming a bookie and taking bets on the outcome : ) At least then I could come out a little better no matter what.

Agree with me or not. We are all in this same political boat.
So what do you think? Or don't you care???
It is your future and the future of your families that is at stake...

Have a hope filled, smiling day!

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