Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mom Is A Job

* Warning for men! * OK guys! You've got 2 weeks and 4 days left until Valentines Day...

Just why is it that in todays society mothers are made to feel like second class citizens?
Why do we have the term “stay at home mom”? Shouldn't it be “away at work mom” for those that do?

So many mothers are coerced into getting jobs outside the home... So many feel pressured by economical situations. And I'm sure there are those women who just would rather work than take care of their offspring...

Call me nuts if you want but... Mothers are the nurturers of our helpless children. Without them children wouldn't survive.
And because so many are not stay at home moms, it seems society is suffering. Morals and family values are in a pitiful state!

Those that take care of the children also teach morals. Now as I came to see it during life, you have the first five years of a child's life, at most, to impress some good morals and values. After that they learn things on the school grounds from all the other little kids. If the morals and values of those kids are lacking then just what do you think they will be saying and doing... So what will your children be learning? Then the real battle to keep them on the right track begins...
At least with a decent background, learned from mom, a child will have a reference later when they need it or are willing to accept it.

Do you really think that any babysitter will care about your children the way you do?
Day care centers? Even worse. There is no way possible they can provide the one on one that a mom should or would. The way I see it, it's no different than putting the cows in the barn. They're housed, fed and watched over, but they are still on their own... If something goes wrong they can't take care of it by their self. If some wild animal breaks in can they protect their self? If another cow goes wild they're left to defend their selves. Only when I check on them would I be of any help and by then it could be to late... Well same could be the case in day care. Who will the workers there be with, when some kid teaches your child to talk like a Sailor... Or something worse happens!

Do you really think you can pay someone enough to care? Sure you interviewed your child care center or babysitter. (Didn't you...) But how many people do you work with or have known about, that are the trouble makers and slackers? Were they not interviewed and managed to slip by?
If we had to pay mothers what they deserve, we could never afford it.
Other than your own family I doubt anyone could care even half as much as you. And some of them may be a stretch... Even they should be only a last resort for a single parent that absolutely has to work.

I also don't understand how it can be possible to have any money left to help with a families monthly bills and expenses. The extra car to get to work, the gas, insurance and upkeep. The need for clothes needed to work. The higher tax bracket. Then the cost for child care. Doesn't that eat up that extra pay check?

Back on November 24, 2010 I went on about the importance of mothers, so I'm not getting into that here. If you want read it at This World Belongs to Women

As for being coerced into getting a job by people (especially other women) saying that a woman is not a person if she isn't working, or some of the other hurtful things they say...
I can only figure that they never really thought it through. There is no job more important than mom. Maybe they're jealous or maybe they are the women who don't want to be moms... And probably shouldn't be.
As for any guy that would think their wife, the mother of their children, should work... Pal, that's your future that will be suffering. You couldn't begin to pay her what she's worth for that 24 hour a day job. With not even a hope for a vacation. Bud, when your children enter the adult world, do you want them making you proud, or embarrassing you...
Some do think mom is nothing. Many moms are unappreciated. But, anyone who has taken on that responsibility knows better.
We had better all start realizing the importance of mom and start appreciating them the way they deserve!

If your a woman who believes that a career doing anything other than mom is more important... Maybe you should find a man willing to do that job. Men can and in many cases, do a better job!
If your a man and married to or even thinking of marrying a woman who feels a job is more important than mom... Maybe you should consider becoming Mr. Mom.

There is absolutely no other job that has more importance than raising the future of this world.
So next time someone says, “oh, your a stay at home mom”. Bull!
Come right back and say, “no, I'm a mom, not an away at work mom”! Take pride in the important job you do!

If I offended anyone with this, to darned bad. Maybe you should reread this and really think about it... Mom's make this society! Good or bad...

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