Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Food, Ugh!

It's January, I have trouble even looking at food.
Did you eat to much over the holidays? I did. I always do.
I'm still like the little kid! Every year from Thanksgiving through Christmas and the New Years, I try everything and always get more of what I like the best! If there's any left...
It's all just so good! Smells so wonderful. Looks so appealing to the eyes. Tastes so scrumptious. What else can you do? Then the candies, cookies and cakes! Oh... How can they possibly be passed by? Then for me, my birthday falls between Christmas and New Years! Another day of over indulgence! It's all just way to hard to not enjoy the banquet that unfolds before the eyes...

Used to think maybe I should diet and work out afterwards... Yah, nice thought. I'd make the same dumb resolutions as almost everyone else... They never work out, they just get forgotten.
I would eat maybe a few healthy meals. Maybe even exercise a day or two. But, by February. All was forgotten, gone like that Thanksgiving turkey!

Then I realized something... Come January, I cringed at the thought of food. I'd stuff myself so well that food would scare the “food” outta me. I would have a hard time for a week or so just trying to eat a banana or apple... Hmm, January was usually the month that I only ate fruit and occasionally vegetables with little to no additions. Even the thought of a juicy steak was enough to make me ill. If I do go out to eat I don't eat enough to make the price worthwhile... For the entire month, unknowingly, I rejected most food. Only thing I wanted was fruit, cold, crispy, juicy, tasty fruit. Not cooked and not even in pie form.

I don't need no stinking resolution! My body took care of that if I'd just listen... So now I do.
It's the best diet I've ever found and it works for me! Hey, it's not starvation. It is healthy. It's all I want! Why not just let my body have it?

Then comes spring. Working in the garden and fields. Working in the yard. Fixing all that winter has tried to destroy. Getting out for walks to stretch the legs. Putting winter aside and enjoying the warmer weather. There's the exercise!

Maybe it will help someone else so I'm tellin ya about it. Hope it will!
Just listen to your body and mind.

How do you get over the month long munching and eating fest that we call the holidays?
Or are you one of those perfectly well disciplined people who refuses to just go for it?
I really don't believe they exist... I can imagine them sneaking things when no one is looking : )

Until tomorrow, pass the fruit bowl and maybe some carrot and celery sticks! Oh yah, and another coffee please.
Have a good one!

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