Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union

So it's coming. Like it or not we're gonna hear it. If we shut the TV off, we're gonna read about in the News or hear about it on the streets from others talking about it. Yup, we're doomed...
Doomed to listen to, or about all the BS and lies. Maybe a few dreams mixed in...
Who knows maybe we'll get to hear or see some more disrespect shown by our leaders.
That's always a chuckle for me. Heck why don't they just shoot the moon like a silly kid?
They really show their intelligence and dignity with their actions, don't they...

Now I'm reading that we're going to have “broad new support” for military families. Uh hu... Heard that before. That should have been taken care of years ago but still we don't.

I read that someone says the speech will “push the need for US competitiveness. Yup, we lost that with NAFTA. So there's another I'll believe it when I see it.

I read that some polls are supposedly showing that Americans are wanting stricter gun control to guard against mass shootings. Even read that New York's mayor wants to hear about tighter gun control in the speech. “?”
You've already heard so many statements about that and I'm trying hard to keep myself from rehashing them.
All I'll say is, if you take the guns away, what are they going to use next? Gun control wouldn't stop a made up mind from making a bomb. Nor from turning their self into a walking bomb. Then if you consider it you'll find that almost anything can be made into a lethal weapon... Sorry, gun control will not end it.

What do you want to hear in the State of the Union speach?
That Congress will not waste the next half year picking apart Obama's speech but will instead get straight to needed business?
That all the countries we're trying to help are going to give us a good price on oil?
That the economy will be repaired if people will just start buying American made products, and food from US farms?
That our Government will focus on letting, we the people, create the needed jobs and get out of our way with all the money taking taxes?
That by letting people create good jobs and making the international playing field even for us, that health care will be at least be possible?
That the rich people Obama's putting in his cabinet are going to pay off the national debt.
Or that the Government is going to launch an all out war on the bed bug spread.

It's all just BS anyway...

How long can the people keep hanging on while our Government keeps playing games?
People are becoming desperate, many are feeling they have nothing left to lose. We're seeing more and more unrest and senseless killing.

I fear that after the, make nice party going on now, the appeasing of the Tea Party, and other political BS is over that the rape of the people will continue on it's merry way. Can't ya just hear all the Lobbyists chomping at the bit... Waiting to continue leading our elected politicians to make more decisions to rob the tax payers of their hard earned money...

People are losing their homes! Gas prices are eating more of our pay than we do! Many of us can't find a job that's better than decent! We can't even afford to buy American, no, we have to buy the necessities, made in where ever, from Wal Mart.

We need jobs! Not products from other countries. Helping others is nice but. We need to take care of our own house first so we can help others.

For the sake of what is left of our country and the hope for better, open your eyes. The politics of the past several decades are not working. Quit playing the politics as usual game. Get the government out of the way so people can get this country strong once again.

Toss those money grubbing lobbyists out and tell them to raise their own funds. If their ideas are so darned good they should have no problem taking care of their selves. If they are really that good they'll be able to find investors to back them. They will have to pay for that help, but isn't that better than just giving them our tax dollars...

Work at making it possible to start new business and get the job market growing instead of propping up old failing business. If they can no longer hold their own it's time to let them die. New days, new ways. As with Government that doesn't work, let the businesses that don't work rest in peace.

Have the courage to lay the past to rest and get a new start towards a new future for our great country. Whittle down this immense waste of dollars we call a Government so taxes to support it can also be whittled down. Don't continue to keep raising taxes and expect that the people will not catch on. We're not as dumb and helpless as you seem to think.

Some are aware that it was once said we would be taken over without a fired shot. We now fear that you, our Government, are well on the way to doing just that. A little more in taxes and we all will be living in a welfare state. The Government will just take every thing and give us what they feel we need.

But then, is that why there is such a push to take away our guns...

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