Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Politics... Don't Think So!

Today. Well I just don't feel like it.
With the shooting and killing that happened last week I'm about sick...
And I can not or will not, kick anyone or anything that is in pain!

It's been eatin at me since I first heard about it. It's got me questioning why. Why do I even have a desire to try and write to help anyone when this world is just so full of idiotic hatred. Can I possibly make anything even a little better. Can one even hope to bring hope. Do lonely people even want to know they are not alone... Am I just wasting my energy...

Yup, it's happened before and will probably happen again... But it just makes absolutely no sense to me. And really it just angers me! Makes me wish I could just shut out the world and leave this thing we call society...

Yah, thanks Eric Loughner, you've silenced me and I suspect many others from our quest to try and change things. Even if only for a little while...

Yesterday, with today's blog on my mind and feeling totally empty, I posted a comment somewhere. Here it is,

I just don't get this killing someone you don't agree with.
You end up turning them into a martyr so people believe in them out of sympathy.
And you, your silenced by jail and/or death...

Now I just put it there. No real reason. Maybe out of desperation that I couldn't even get so much as an idea for todays pick on politics blog. I just don't know...

Then, there was a reply... I really didn't expect any but there it was.
A reply to my comment.
kind of makes the person doing the killing seem like a powerless dope doesn't it. and then no one will believe in their cause. if something is worth believing in then its worth fighting and standing up for....not eliminating those who stand opposed. Have a spine!

OK so now I can at least see I'm not totally alone!

Then I hear on the news that democrat politicians are already jumping on the finger pointing band wagon. I suspect that we just haven't heard about some republicans.
Now just how cold and callus is that? Coming from someone that's elected to represent the decency and goodness of the people. Just how out of touch are they?
Today I refuse to pass judgment about it. It just would not be right.

Another post I read yesterday said about hating whack jobs that shoot up places like in Arizona. The Government and anti gun people just use this stuff to take our gun rights away.

Now this morning that is exactly what I'm hearing on the news. New gun controll legislation is being tossed around again.

There are tons of truth in that last post I mentioned! So there goes the strength of those fighting to keep our right to bear arms. Another bit of ammunition for the other side. Did that help?

To anyone out there that may be some kind of radical fanatic. Common, look at history. Tyranny has always failed. Ya just end up turning the entire world against you.

Our government could be better but for now it is the best. We have the right to express our opinions and work our butts off if we want to change it. It has been done before...

It takes patience! Not senseless killing. All that can do is make it even harder for the rest of us to have the validity to start a change and keep working for better. People begin to lump everyone that disagrees into one big category because of senseless acts of a few.

There are those of us that understand. We fight. We fight with our mouths, fight with our written words, fight by spreading the words we believe in. We fight with our actions. We use our integrity to guide others. We do not use senseless harmful actions and terrorism.

We totally understand also that it may even take generations for what we feel are good changes. But if our changes are really good for all, that fight will be carried on and won.

Anyone who came for my usual bashing of politics and politicians... It will be back. Heck that is something I really enjoy and do feel a need for. Just not right now.
Now, I'm mourning. Mourning for the loss of integrity of the opposers. Mourning for the time we'll lose because of this senseless crud. Mourning for the set back of our fight to attempt to wake people up and get them thinking.
Mourning because of the death of a sweet child who could not possibly have done any harm in her young life!

So until tomorrow when I try again to leave you with some useful inspiration.
Keep the love and try to keep that smile. I, yes even I, am having trouble with the smile...

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