Friday, January 7, 2011

No Date Friday Again

I'm putting todays post and a little (I hope) amusing story that I was going to post tomorrow, both in one post.

For today...
Humph... Friday again... Again, no date, not even a good prospect... Yup, all alone again! What's new?

Maybe I'll just not take a bath or shower for the next six months and see if anyone even notices...

I'll brush my teeth because a toothache is painful... I'll probably comb my hair... Can't stand my head a mess. I'll still wash and change my clothes... Stains are just way to hard to get out.
Hmm, I know! I'll eat anything and everything I feel like eating! Now where is that box of chocolate? I can put some over a huge bowl of ice cream. Now that might make me feel better...

Eh, maybe the bath and shower idea might not be so good... Might not be able to sit with myself. And that food idea. It is tempting, but I'll just gain weight... OK, maybe I'll just have a little.

I mean, if by some wild, far out chance I would possibly meet someone, I wouldn't want some reeking, obese looking creature scaring them away...
Yah, yah... little chance of that meeting!
But there ya go. There is always at the least, an itty bitty wee tiny chance. Very dim, but an ember of hope, that someone does exist that may want me and I can see as more than a friend...

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I chase them away. Just maybe, I haven't met anyone I would even want to be with!

Been there, done that with the bars. Uh hu, B A D … Bad experience, nothing but drunks, only someone that cares about nothing...
Church... Yah, most are a bit way to religious. That don't work...
Don't need no exercise freak either. Exercise is good but ya can carry a thing to far... I get more exercise from good old fashioned hard work than most could hope for in a gym!
Tried the don't look and it'll find you thing that someone said was sure to work... : ) Yup...
One night stands... Had a few... Think I'll just skip the middle man and stay alone.

Brings us back to a question I'm sure people have been asking since time began... Where does a person go to meet someone!
If ya got a good answer to that, leave a comment.

For now, think I'll fix a nice drink, fill the tub with some nice hot water and soak my cares away. Then off to dream land to dream about someone nice!

Why not join me wherever you are?
Maybe our collective loneliness will bring some comfort... Not a one of us is alone with this problem.
There is always another tomorrow. Just maybe, that'll be our day!
See ya Monday, and here, (((((((HUG))))))) have a big warm hug

New Years Eve with the puppy and the Beagle

Had a few invites for bring the new year in celebrating.
The daughter and son in law were having a little party. Yah, they don't need some old guy there with the youngun's. I'd just feel outta place. Might have some laughs but still I'd feel like a bump on a log...

Coulda went to some bar room celebrations. Uh hu, been there, done that. Since I drink very little any more I generally just get aggravated with people who get drunk and shoot their mouths off. Then I end up saying something and just cause hard feelings...

I'm still dumb enough that I guess I need someone sweet to keep me in line from time to time : ) Now since no one seems to want that job, that I want to be with, I just opt to set at home and have a little something to eat then lay in bed and watch the craziness on the ole TV.

This year, I tossed the usual's in the slow cooker and then the dogs and I settled in for a quiet evening. Wasn't much on TV and I did a little pokin around on the internet. The usual places I visit were down right dead! Guess I'm about the only one that doesn't feel like goin out and puttin up with all the drama of the partying life.??? Seems like it anyway!

Petted and played with the dogs a little and we went out for a P now and then. But no real big excitement. : ) The pup did jump on the Beagle and got growled at and I had a great laugh over that. I mean, here's a big bull dog pup and that old, sweet, little, Beagle just puts him in his place and causes terror in his heart... She's the boss and he knows it : )

Round about eleven I went to the kitchen and got out three plates. Fixed myself some good luck grub. Fixed a plate for each of the dogs. Took those plates into the living room and put theirs on the floor. Don't think I even got my butt on the sofa before they were just sittin there begging for mine. Darned hogs...

We ate, set around a bit more, I made myself a strong drink and enjoyed it.
About quarter till twelve we went to the bedroom and settled in. Turned the TV on to watch the hoopla! But heck, I was asleep in about two minutes. Didn't even hear the phone when my daughter called to scream happy new year. Heard that the next morning on the answering machine. Did that girl sound toasted... Now I thought I taught her better than that! Ha ha... The kids will teach her a lesson in the morning when they wake up and start into their day of fun and play with plenty of wild, loud noise : )

Not sure when the son got home from his party. But... This morning I had to smile. Mr. goin to a party I'm over 21 and can if I want. Well, his knuckles looked like heck. Asked why... Seems someone didn't like something he had to say and they took a swing at him. Now even though I've tried to teach him not to get into stupid fights, I never told him not to defend himself. Just don't get carried away and only do what you really need to.

I gave him about an hour long lecture on the dumbassedness of fighting. Explained in lengthy detail about some of the dumb ones I was involved in during my life, and the expenses of paying some one elses hospital bill when you caused them to need stitches from one good punch. (even though they started it)
Rambled on about how hard it is to make friends and how fights just make that even harder. Makes ya look bad no matter the cause or outcome.
Explained once again about how no one really wins... You both hurt afterwards no matter who wins.
Yup... Kept my mouth rolling right along at maybe a bit louder than normal volume, just to cause his near hung over ears to hurt a bit for about an hour. Probably the longest hour of his young life...

: ) He had that, please, give me a break look, after the first five minutes... But, I enjoyed every minute of his misery to the fullest. Just hope some of it sinks in and sticks... I feel no mercy!

Now. Well I'll just sit here and smile.
My little party with the dogs wasn't so bad after all. And hey, I felt great the next morning. My head didn't throb. I wasn't in any more pain than usual. : )

Sometimes ya just find out that being alone, is the better choice...

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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