Monday, January 10, 2011

Garden Time Is Coming

Holidays are over. Seed catalogs are here. It's time to begin planning this years garden. Thinking and dreaming of warm sunny days.

Time to order the tomato, pepper and flower seeds so they can soon be started. Time to order the rest of the seeds to be planted just as soon as the weather and temperatures allow.
I wonder what kinds of different annuals I'll get this year just because I find them unusual or pretty...

I'm waiting with anticipation for the warmer weather to come so I can again get outside in the warmth of the sunshine. Pruning and cleaning up after winter has taken it's toll on the lawn and garden. Cleaning up the garden and preparing it for a new year of delicious flavors for my tummy.

Last year I hurt my back in February and lost the entire year. My son and daughter helped get the garden in but I just wasn't able to keep after it.
My son has work and after that he has work here on the farm to get done. He tried as he could to help but we just couldn't keep up.
The sweet corn was not quite knee high and the weeds were already over running it. Sadly I asked him to just mow it off and till it under. I later had him do the same with all but our tomatoes and peppers. The cucumbers we grow on a fence to keep them off the ground and save space. That also helps make them easier to see, tend to and pick. Well, I almost had tears while I looked on and saw the most perfect crop of weeds take them all over. We managed to get plenty to eat but the canning was not good at all. When I have to buy tomato's and sauce things are really bad...

We did have a few bunnies move into the weeds last summer to raise their litters. I guess at least someone got some enjoyment from it all.
My tiny flower gardens didn't fair any better. Was a little funny to see weeds with flowers blooming above them...
So I'm itching even more this year to get back into the garden and show those weeds who is boss around these parts!

Have to get my little garden map out and see where I planted what last year so I can plan where to rotate things to this year. Get my seed orders ready then see what new or different things I want to try this year and order them. Sit in anticipation of my February start date for the tomatoes, peppers etc. Heck, starting my own is probably just an excuse to get my fingers in the dirt a bit earlier... But it is fun to see them come up and grow into the wonderful tasty foods that will later be on the table and in the tummy.

Aah, I sure do wish spring would get here now. But I'll just have to dream and wait. We are getting closer every day and soon enough I'll be out there battling the weeds and weather. Chasing off the crows and bunnies. Finding toads and carrying them to the garden so they can make it their home. They are really good at keeping some of the unwanted bugs out ya know. I put old flower pots and other stuff around the garden for them to hide under. They seem to like them and stay.

The grandkids like the garden too. There is always something we can just pick and eat. That alone makes the work part of it worth while!

Have any garden stories of your own? I'd love to hear them...

Well, I'm going to peek into this years seed and plant catalogs now so I'll catch ya tomorrow. Happy garden dreaming!

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