Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh. It's Friday Again...

In New Years Eve's blog, I asked for suggestions to help people who find themselves lonely, find something to do or a way to deal with loneliness. No comments here. What's new...
On the other site I posted there was a comment about taking vitamin B.
While not the kind of suggestion I was looking for I thought I'd pass it along.

Me, I see being lonely as one thing and suffering depression an entirely different beast. And I do mean beast.
While the two often seem to go hand in hand, I've spent lonely time. I've also spent time where there was no loneliness but was feeling down. I've observed friends, acquaintances and family who were not at all lonely wonder why they were not happy. Everything could be going so well that life was wonderful. But that down, lost, what the heck is wrong with me, feeling was there... That is what I see as depression.

Why it's there, I haven't a clue. I have though been there myself. Now I've got this really bad back that tends to keep me from living my life as I would like to. Sometimes it keeps me from doing anything at all for days. But I get past that.
Before I go on... Forget any suggestions for surgery! I've talked with doctors and just don't like the odds. I'll wait until I can no longer walk and then take my chances that they can help. There is a fifty fifty chance now, or then, that I'll still be able to walk afterwards! It's no fun, but I'll wait.

I did though spend five years feeling like crap. I had heard about vitamin B. I figured what the heck, it could be worth the try. They're really not that expensive.
I bought a smaller bottle of Super B Complex. Imagine that... They really did help!
Pain is still there, at times I feel life stinks because of things I'd like to do or do again, but the mood is way better. Even when I end up sitting out or on the sidelines I can smile and be happy. I don't have that constant feeling of dread!

So why not try it? I'm no doctor though, so maybe ya might want to talk to one first.

I write about loneliness because I know lonely. I know people who are lonely. I just want to reach out and bring a little comfort by letting lonely people know their not alone. Maybe give them a smile, or with a little funny story take them on a short journey away from the loneliness. It's gonna come back, but I've personally found that it's nice to escape loneliness for even five minutes. Sometimes it gives you a completely different perspective on what is causing that loneliness.
I chose Fridays because that was always the day that would be the worst. While everyone else would have someone to be with and had plans for the weekend with others, there are the lonely. Wondering why...

I'm going through another lonely fit right now in my own life. I know the problem this time though. I am just to chicken crap of letting another woman in my life that will just end up causing more heartbreak. Will I ever get over it? Don't know... I do feel it would take one really special lady to even get over the walls for a look. Then I would probably keep her at bay until I felt safe that she just wasn't looking for a good time. I do have this tendency to lay myself all out there when I fall for someone and end up getting steam rolled...
For anyone to get past even the first wall they would have to enjoy country life. Sometimes weeks without going out and socializing with anyone but the cows and wildlife. Would have to understand hard work and either join in or at least not get mad because I spend my time doing it. There are just so few really good days in a season to get things done. When ya have those days and the weather is right, (and now when my back says it's OK) you have to use them to the fullest. When I'm done. Well it's time for a good kick back on the porch, maybe a bottle of wine, and a nice rest. Then there is fishing and hunting. It may be nice sometimes but, I just don't have a need to be out in public to have a good time...

Guess I've been hurt enough and spent enough time alone that I started making priorities more important than just getting a little.

Sometimes being alone is the perfect time to sit and openly think about what is is that you really want. That could be the reason a person keeps getting hurt.
They just don't look for a person who likes them for who and what they are. Some aspects of them might appeal to others but... Do the others really fit.

Maybe, just maybe, it's time to take this responsibility for your own feelings, on your own shoulders. Spend some time with you and think about the character and traits of someone who you want to be with...
Make a checklist if ya have to. I think that would be better than leaving a special someone or even so called friends in your life that end up making you feel like crap!

If nothing else, go forth with your weekend and life, with knowing that you are not “alone”! We, the lonely, are everywhere...

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