Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Life, Your Responsibility

All your whinin and cryin and pitching a fit, get over it.
I'd like to take your inner child and kick it's little a**.

Do those lines ring a bell? Sound familiar? Do you know them and have many more Eagle tunes streaming through your head now? If ya do... Ya might be getting old...

They're lines from a song by the Eagles. Duh, who's that? Google it. While your at it Google Get Over It by the Eagles. Check out the lyrics. Let me know if, like me, you agree.
First time I heard it I had to give it a second and third listen. After listening and learning the lyrics I immediately adopted it as the song that represented almost all of of my feelings about whining people.

Whining people don't want anything better. They like their little world full of things to whine about. Then they have something to try and make people feel sorry for them...
Only problem with that we just get sick and tired of it. We try and offer some helpful advice but you just ignore us. You deny that there is a better way or at least something to try, without even considering a try. You like blaming everyone else for your problems! You don't even attempt to look inside for an answer or accept that YOU can change how you let others make you feel. You love hanging out with hurtful people so you can continue to whine... Well, why don't ya just go find a place where you can be alone and cry. I'm sure I'm not the only one that just don't want to hear it any longer.
Like another line in the song says, If you don't want to play, then you might as well split!

Only line I don't agree with is what they say to do with Lawyers. Though that idea has ran through my mind in the past, it just isn't a moral solution. I think we can get rid of them by not using their services and prodding others to do the same.
Look, I despise snakes. In my mind I harbor an idea that the only good snake is a dead snake. I don't spend enough time looking to see if one's bad or good, I just run. I've given quite a few people reason to laugh but, I'm gone when I see a snake in the fields or woods. If he's in my lawn, he's dead. We have an understanding that anywhere but my lawn is OK but if one comes here I get a shovel and it's diced into nice bird food.
I do understand that they are good mousers and they eat tons of insects but not in my lawn...
Well, same for Lawyers. They do have a needed job to do. Some just do it for money and don't seem to care how stupid their being by using and clogging the courts for ridiculous law suits. They are just aiding people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.
That is just my opinion, you make your own...

If all you do is sit around and whine and will not even listen to advice or try. You my friend have a problem. If you think your trying, you may not really be giving it your best. Or you may need to listen to some of us older fools who have been there before you.

If you know someone who acts like this then maybe you should get this song and play it every time they start whining. It's on the Hell Freezes Over album, CD, or whatever.
Personally I think every radio station should play this three times a day. Morning, noon, and night.

Maybe then the whiners might get a clue...

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