Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Pup and The Old Cat

The pup came here in a moment of nice that I had. Now I'm just getting to old for a puppy. Don't want to train. Don't want to house break. Nothing!
But there was the son... Brought this three month old puppy home. Now he said he was taking it right back where it came from. Then after I played with it a while... He asked if he could keep it.
It was around Christmas and I was weak... I was feeling good about the holidays, thinking of the joy in the grandchildrens eyes and dreaming of the great food and goodies. And he just quickly laid the question on me... I made a few rules and said yes...
Now the rules have been upheld. Some I changed without being asked to, but with the others doing so well I felt I could relax a bit.

Well during the process of training the pup to go outside for his business, and all going as good as could be expected, the pup met the old tom cat, Oscar. Now Oscar got his name because about fourteen years ago when he was dropped of here and I found he was a good mouser, I also noticed he had an attitude. He was a grouch! Sometimes he was as pleasant as you could want but most times... A Grouch. Well my kids were still, once in a while, watching Sesame Street. So naturally I thought of Oscar the Grouch...
At times Oscar acts kinda nutty. So then we call him Ozzie Ozcat. You can figure that out for yourself...

Well first time old Oscar came to the porch when I let the dogs out, the pup, well he just went about his business and left old Oscar alone. Oscar don't get to excited about dogs, unless their really big.
Second and third times went alright. Shortly after that the pup decided he wanted to check this stranger out... Old Oscar hissed and growled a bit but that was the end of it.

About three days later. The pup, who is now about three times the size of Oscar, and I said before he's bulldog but well, he's a pure blood Pitt Bull. He's a joy to play with and from all indications he's going to be easy to train. He's pretty smart. But...

Not smart enough to stay away from a grouchy cat. That pup got a major lesson. He decided once again to check out this strange looking guy who lives outside and in the barn. The guy who mouses about 200 acres and does very well. Even brings home some pretty big game and devours it.
The pup didn't heed the warning of the hiss and snarl. Ignored the fearsome growl. Just kept on trying to stick his nose where it didn't belong.
Old Oscar struck out with his right paw, claws outstretched and anger in his eyes, and snatched that big pitt bull pup right on the nose!

Now this big brave protector of the castle, well he tucked his tail, ran straight between my legs and through the open door into the house and hid.
I could have had a heart attack from laughing so hard...
I finally did get him out of his hiding place so I could check his sore nose and there wasn't a scratch or drop of blood to be seen. When I put him down. That poor thing tried crawling back onto my lap with the saddest, protect me daddy eyes you ever wanted to see.

I did break my number one personal rule and picked him up and cuddled and petted him. But the entire time I laughed and chuckled. I just had to pick on him and tell him once more. That old grumpy cat, well he's the big dog around here and you little Rodeo better learn that real quick.
There have been some pretty ferocious neighbor dogs that have wondered through our fields and I have witnessed Oscar send them home with tails between their legs. He may run up a tree but that only lasts until he gets his composure and decides he's had enough. Then it's claws out and attack. I do always get a laugh about it. Big ferocious dogs being chased by a cat. It's just not natural... But then, I did sense something about him when he was first dropped off along the road, abandoned, and decided to come say hello to me...

Now the next time the pup. Remember the pup? Well next time he was going out the door and he saw old Oscar he made me carry him past that cat.
He's gotten over his fear and can come and go as he needs but when he sees Oscar on the porch he makes a wide path around him.
He will get over his fear in time and I'm kinda sure they will become friends. Heck, during the summer, on really warm days, I'll let the beagle outside all day. If it rains it's not at all unusual to find the Beagle and old Oscar sleeping together in the dogs box. All cuddled up sweet and loving like... So I have no doubt lil Rodeo will do the same. If not he may find Oscar will keep him outta his dog house... : )

Tales of a lonely ole guy with a sense of humor...

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