Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beat Her ?

These are words you don't hear me say, but in this case?
Maybe you should!
How do you treat your lady?

My son in law... Man this guy beats my daughter to the garbage almost all the time. If he doesn't get a chance to take the garbage out and she tries to help by doing it. He gets upset with her!
The guy helps with cooking, cleaning, doing dishes... Then he takes care of all the guy stuff also.
Because she wanted to, last summer she jumped on the riding mower and did the lawn while he was at work. Told me she got heck for that.
This guy doesn't leave her to raise the kids by herself. He's right in there doing his part.

Now their not newlyweds either. That's just the way he is. I'm impressed!
I've known a lot of guys in my life and most would come home from work and set on their butts and not do a thing, until they had to go back to work! Not him...
I've seen him so sick he looked ready to fall over. He was up and doing what I guess he considers his chores. Then still went to work!

Personally, I think he spoils her a little to much. But hey, their happy! And... It's not one bit my business. I keep my nose to myself and mind my own business. One thing I never could stand was in laws that try and tell their kids how to run their lives and raise their families.
If... I do see something I have an opinion on I may mention it, but then immediately drop it. But heck I'd do that with about anyone.
If one of them asks for my advice I will give it if I can but then again... I drop it.
Guess I'm trying to say, If your the in-law...mind your own darned business!!!

The other point. The bigger point. Guys, get off your dead rears and give your sweetie a hand!
There are other guys like my son in law out there and she may decide it's time for a trade up...

Me, if a woman wants to help doing things, I really enjoy working with her. I'll teach her things she might not understand so we can be together. Heck if she doesn't mind getting a little greasy, I'll gladly let her help work on broken down equipment. But I darned sure wouldn't expect to not help her in the house afterwards.
The couples I've observed in life that work together always seem so happy and close...

What do you do for your woman? Would you help her with housework? Would you let her help with “mans work”? Now there's a questionable term...
Do you as couples like to work together with projects and chores?
What does your man help you with?

I'm going to close today with saying you did become one!
Till tomorrow...


  1. Wow....just wow! Couples would be so much happier if only they understood the word couple better, wouldn't they? Really working together on things and sharing your lives. Not just you do your thing and I'll do mine and maybe, just maybe, I'll catch you in bed later, when we're both so exhausted from doing everything on our own that we just want to pass out!! yup...working together is the key my friend. Pity more people didn't know that little secret!

  2. I've seen working together be so much fun and bring people closer together. I've also seen couples work together and suddenly disappear into the house and close the drapes...
    Yes, couples would be much happier if they would just learn and remember what a couple is.
    Thanks Tamsin!