Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Politics & Now Generation

The Now Generation...
Gee, do you really think this is something new?
When I was twixt infant and young adult, I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it now. Only difference, it was different things than today. But, times were different and a lot of things that are here today just didn't exist.
Another difference that I observe way to often today... More and more parents do not use the word “NO”! And those that do don't stick by it...

Maybe that is why it takes two incomes. People are dumb enough to give their crying, sniveling brats everything they want. And usually when they want it.
Honestly, could it be the root of many problems today. We teach children that there is no work involved in getting anything. Teach them that anything they want should come immediately. The most they will have to do is throw a fit...

Now I'm quite aware that some parents did this all along. Even when I was young I saw it happen. Some parents it seems are just prone to being to soft. But even then I could see which of the other kids had respect. The ones that understood no meant no. Those that were give everything had little to no respect. Well, is that why there is so little respect today?

Gee, give a kid everything just because they cry... Is that why instead of getting a job so many just set around sniveling that they can't find a job? They can't see that to get what and where they want they may actually have to work for it... What for? Mommy and daddy will keep paying for everything if I just whine. They won't let me run around in basic clothes, they won't let me run around in worn out clothes, if I want new shoes, mom and dad will buy them. I'll never go hungry because mom and dad wouldn't let that happen...
If I want a car they'll get me one. And not some old used car either. So I'll never “have” to get a job!

Yah, great parenting... Great lessons on life!
Uh hu, what boss that had to earn everything he has will hire some sniveling brat?

Allowance... Yah, work for it kid! And as for cleaning your room, helping around the house, or doing yard work... You live here, you contribute! You don't contribute, do without. Don't like what's for dinner, do without. You'll eat when you get hungry!

Ok so today is pick on politics day for this blog, so what does this have to do with politics?

All through history we've had radical nut cases take their disagreements with people in general and the government to extremes. They just couldn't, or refused, to see that anything worth getting may well take time, patience and a lot of really hard work to get!

By the general way that so many people are just giving their kids everything are they possibly contributing to the problems? Their kids will not take a job because they have never learned to work for the basics. They never learned that you just have to start at the bottom. They think that everything they want should be done right now. They never learned patience and perseverance. They never learned that to get anything good, you have to doggedly work for it and in time you will succeed.

Could that possibly be a reason they break down and can't seem to sanely reason? That they just give up and turn to violence? Then they go out and uselessly kill?

So in the end are we allowing the political process of our great country to be slaughtered by the way we are raising our spoiled youth? Do we need to stop right now and again begin to teach our children that they can not just “have” everything their little hearts come up with, when they want it? That they have to “work” for what they want?
That the correct political way, at home or in society, is to have the fortitude to be patient and keep working for what we want?

Again, I don't have all the answers. I'm not some Guru of wisdom. Not some all knowing being.
Heck, I don't even think I have any more than average intelligence and sometimes think it's even below average. And I could easily find way to many to agree with that!
I'm just a guy with a ton of questions and some time to ponder aspects of life that just don't seem right...

So ponder this yourself.
If you can find the courage, leave a comment.
“Dare” to help be a part of a possible solution...

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  1. I used to love to tell the kids, "You'll get nothing, and like it!" Yes, dinner for breakfast is good, too. May sound harsh, but, they grew up ok. Never had to bail 'em out of jail! Today's generation is more spoiled than ever!