Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This World Belongs to Women

The Amazons? No!
Super girl? No!
Every lady out there!!!

As men we so underestimate this soft, sweet being we can't stand to be without.
We know they can do about any job we can do. I even taught one how to shingle a roof. Several years later she was running a crew of roofers. I've worked in offices beside them, in fields beside them, I've hiked beside them, hunted and fished beside them. I've seen them handle horses as well as any “cowboy”. Seen them handle angry cows that would scare the pants off any guy. I've dated some, married a few. I've seen what they go through to have our children!!!
That's all very normal for anyone to do...

For the most part women raise the children. I am one of the guys that did and through that journey I came to realize a lot that I don't think most guys get...
They – raise the children, the future generations of the world.
They feed and nourish our offspring.
They protect our little ones from harm.
They help them to heal wounds and mend broken hearts.
They – impress the morals that will be carried into the future.

That's a lot of the reasons I say, This world belongs to women!

Our future depends on what they teach and impress on the little ones that we hope someday will run our world and take care of us in our old age.
Our society depends on children making it to adulthood and making good moral decisions and setting our governments on good paths.
Our legacies depend on women. Face it the only really lasting legacy we will have is our offspring. Without them we will cease to exist at death. Oh yah, some of the things we do will linger a short while but not as long as we think or hope!

But the families, the children that women nurture and teach will go on. What women teach our children, our children will teach to theirs. Therefore I honestly believe that the world belongs to women!

Think about it... Now, find her, apologize for any dumb, ignorant or mean thing you've ever said or done! Make it meaningful! Give her a really good hug, kiss her, and never forget... Your lasting life is in her care............
And next time you get the least bit angry with something she's done or didn't do.
Remember this little story.

Have a really great day and have a fantastic, food filled Thanksgiving!
See ya Friday for

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