Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

I've been really lazy this week. Tired and rundown as if all the energy has been drawn from my body like the batteries from the childrens toys for Christmas. Don't know if it is from whatever I was feeling ill with last Thursday or if it's the after Christmas relaxation. Maybe it's a combination of both.

I do know I'm exhausted and in need of mental recharging. Heck I can't even stay awake after six in the evening without a losing battle! Tuesday was my birthday. I was kinda happy that I spent the day alone and had nothing pressing to do.

Was just about to go to bed in the evening when my phone rang. It was my daughter. She wanted me to go to her place for dinner.
What else can you do... I got ready and went. There was dinner and cake. I got to spend more time with the family and grandkids. I had a great time.

Now it's getting real close to New Years eve. I seriously only plan on spending it in bed. I've had my years of celebrating while welcoming in the New Year, but that too has become boring. Then with me feeling so tired, I can honestly say that I hope no one will invite me anywhere. I just want to spend the eve celebrating with my comfy pillow and warm blankets.

I do though want to wish you all a Happy New Year!
I'd also like to ask you to be careful out there while having your good time and especially on your way home.
I care about all my readers and followers and wouldn't want to lose a one of you.
I hope for you all the best of blessing for your new year and all the love and joy you deserve.

Catch ya next year!!!

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